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5 Smartphone Apps for HGV Drivers

Tuesday, 29 August 2017 GMT
Author: Staveley Head

As providers of truck insurance, we understand that life on the road can sometimes be difficult. If being caught in endless traffic jams or getting stuck down narrow lanes sounds all too familiar, we’re here to help. We want to show you some of the best smartphone apps for HGV drivers, so that you can avoid these inconveniencies and make your life that little bit easier.


Trucker Timer

Trucker Timer smartphone app



The Trucker Timer app is an advanced tachograph and driver log and a great way for you to track your driving hours and alert you of any impending fatigue violations. This could save you from a fine and also keep you and others safe by making sure you’re well-rested.

The app supports EU, AETR and GB domestic heavy vehicle fatigue regulations and is available on both iPhone and Android.



Nav Truck app



If you’ve ever found that you’ve been directed down a lane that’s too narrow for your vehicle, or been surprised to find a low bridge on the way to your destination then the NavTruck app could be for you. Unlike regular GPS navigation apps, NavTruck understands that you’re driving a HGV.

The routes used by the app will avoid truck-restricted or prohibited roads, automatically calculating the routes using your vehicle’s size, weight and width and load type.


Motorway Buddy

MotorwayBuddy app


Finding secure parking in a HGV can sometimes be an issue. However, the MotorWayBuddy locates overnight truck stops anywhere in the UK and offers a real-time view of spaces and parking prices. You can also check reviews from other drivers, making the decision of where to stay easier. And that’s not all. Drivers also benefit from real-time traffic information on the type of incident, how long the delay is likely to be and roads affected.

For fleets, the app also enables real-time incident reporting alongside digital driver checklists that automatically upload to audit compliance.

If you’re looking for somewhere to park up overnight or have a hearty meal, why not take a look at our UK truck stops map?





Fed up of getting caught up in traffic? This handy app could help. Waze is a community-based traffic and navigation app, where drivers in your local area can make updates on any traffic jams or accidents, saving you time and fuel.

You can also report any incidents or other hazards you see on the road as well as get reports yourself whilst you’re travelling.




FleetSafer is a brilliant app if you find yourself easily distracted. Using GPS technology it recognises when you are driving bringing up a curtain screen and eliminating all calls, texts and emails, allowing you to give your full attention to the road ahead. Not to worry, once your vehicle has stopped moving your call and message functionality will be restored.


Using your phone safely

Remember that it’s against the law to drive whilst using a mobile phone. Start your app before you set off. Here’s how to safely use your phone whilst driving.


Pre-programme your Sat Nav app

Before setting off make sure you have programmed in your route and started navigation so you’re not tempted to touch it while driving. Although most Sat Nav apps have an automatic reroute function, if you do get lost and need to change the route then you should pull over, put your handbrake on, switch off the engine then change it.


Mount your phone

Your phone should be properly mounted into a hands-free holder if it’s to be used in your car for navigation. Having it on your lap could cause a distraction and as outlined earlier you cannot hold the device in your hands.

However, the hands-free holder could be deemed to be obstructing your view, or causing a distraction you could still be pulled over by the police.


Are you a HGV driver? What apps do you find useful? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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