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Getting insurance for your first van

Monday, 18 May 2015 GMT
Author: Staveley Head



If your work means you’ve got tons to lug around, then you’re going to need a van. Like with any vehicle, you’ll need insurance too - but your car one won’t cut it. Making sure you cover all your bases is going to be more important than you think. And this is why.

For a start, you’ve got to bow to the law. The legal minimum for van insurance is Third Party Cover. Without it, you risk being fined or banned so you better get to it before heading out on your first job. So what does it include? Basic third party cover will come into play when you injure someone or damage their property with your van. No-one wants to fork out for an event like that, so you can see why you have to have it.

You won’t want to stop there though. The next level up – Third Party Fire and Theft Cover – is also rather important as you’ll guess from the name (!). This will get you sorted if your van catches light or it gets nicked. And both of those are very expensive problems.

After that, you have what’s called Comprehensive Insurance and that covers all the other issues that come with owning a van and using it for business. But hang on - these aren’t your only three choices as there are extras to be included, too.

What if your tools get stolen or the goods you’re carrying get damaged? You’ll need Goods in Transit and Own Tools Cover. You don’t want to put your business on hold because of some light-fingered git, and covering the costs of a client’s damaged goods could run into the thousands.

Then there’s the joy of your van breaking down. You can hardly predict that happening but without it, how are you going to get any work done? There’s not always a quick fix either, which is why you need insurance that’ll sort you out with a temporary van in the meantime. Certainly not something to overlook.

You’ll also know that a crash isn’t always solved smoothly with someone forking out to cover the damages. Any disagreements can lead to legal action and that brings its own insane costs. Getting some protection for legal costs is highly recommended. Think about it, the cost of a crash is bad enough without adding a lawyer’s fees into the mix.

Now the above refers to you driving the van. If you want someone else to drive it, you’ll need extra insurance in the form of Any Driver Cover. This lets you stick your workmate behind the wheel and not have to worry about anything except their driving. And choice of music.

Over time you might, of course, be branching out and getting more than one van. That’s when you need to consider Multi Van Insurance and this can save you serious time and hassle, while ensuring all your vehicles get the cover you legally need.

In the end, we hope you never have to use your insurance and that you enjoy a lifetime of sunny motoring under a rainbow. But in the real world – and in a job like yours – if something can go wrong then you can bet your nuts and bolts it will.

So don’t put it off. Don’t think you can get away with it. And do get the cover you need. Keep yourself safe and secure so you can get on with your work knowing you have the cover you and your business need.

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