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How to maximise the chances of passing your driving test

Thursday, 23 November 2017 GMT
Author: Staveley Head

Did you know that 47.5% of all first-timers pass their driving test in the UK? Most learner drivers may not expect to pass their driving test on the first occasion but this isn’t impossible to achieve. With changes to the driving test coming into effect from 4th December 2017, we’ve put together this guide to help you prepare and give yourself the best chance of passing. 



Preparation tips for the lead up to your practical driving test

Here are some handy tips to help you make the most of your practical driving lessons and what preparation you can take before the day of the test itself:

  • Plan your time, learning how to drive is developed through experience
  • Budget for how many lessons you can afford
  • Get plenty of practice in, try and aim for two hours a week behind the wheel
  • Practice driving taking directions from a Sat Nav
  • There’s no minimum number of driving lessons (UK average is 45 hours professional training)
  • Drive in different weather conditions and at various times of the day
  • Get to know the roads around your selected test centre
  • Reread over any of the Highway Code that you may be unsure about
  • Take a mock driving test to prepare for the real test, so you’ll know what to expect
  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before your test – avoid drinking any caffeine or alcohol
  • Don’t tell many people when your practical test is, it’ll just increase the sense of pressure

On the day of your practical test

It’s only natural to feel nervous on the day. You must remember to take along your theory test certificate and your UK provisional driving licence. Failure to bring these along will mean you cannot take your practical test.

To help settle any nerves make sure you’ve eaten before you leave your home. Take one final driving lesson before taking your test to practice any manoeuvres and general driving.

What you’ll be tested on

This includes five different parts of your driving test. These are:

  • A sight check, to read a registration number from around 20 meters away
  • Show me and tell me questions, for example where you’d explain how you would carry out a safety task
  • General driving ability
  • Reversing your vehicle
  • Independent driving

Check out this short video for further details on the driving test changes coming into effect from 4th December 2017.


What to remember during your practical driving test

These tips can help to put your mind at ease so you can focus on driving to the best of your ability:

  • If you make an error try and forget about it. Remember you’re allowed up to 15 minor mistakes
  • Remain calm and be confident
  • Try not to second-guess the examiner
  • Ask the examiner to repeat any instructions you don’t hear or understand
  • Keep your eyes on the road
  • At the end of the test, listen to the feedback your examiner gives

When you pass your driving test

You’ll need to complete the declaration on your driving test pass certificate. Fill in a D1 ‘application for a driving licence’, this is available from the DVLA form ordering service or alternatively at selected Post Offices. You’ll need to provide the original papers confirming your identity and a passport size photograph. There is a deadline of 2 years to complete this, failing to do so will result in you having to retake your test.

Are you a young driver?

As providers of young driver’s insurance, we understand that new driver car insurance can be pricey, so with that in mind here are some tips that can help to reduce your premium:

  • Take your Pass Plus course
  • Choose a car with a low insurance grouping
  • Calculate your estimated mileage and don’t overstate
  • Increasing your policy excess
  • Increase the security on your vehicle by adding an approved alarm/immobiliser

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