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Paper counterpart, what’s new?

Wednesday, 22 July 2015 GMT
Author: Staveley Head

As of June 8th 2015 the paper counterpart of the driving licence was abolished. The RAC has warned that there are many people who are unaware of the changes. Here you will find out what the change means for you.

Paper License

The paper counterpart

The paper counterpart part of the driving licence held details that could not fit on the photocard like penalty points and vehicles you can drive. This change affected 8.7 million people who still had the paper driving licence which they were told to destroy.

Viewing your details

So where are these details now held? Online of course! Information can be viewed online using the below link and a code that lasts 21 days will be generated, so you have plenty of time to share your details with the third party. Be aware that each code can only be used once!

Here are the details you’ll need;

Your diving licence number
National Insurance number
Post code

And here’s the link gov.uk/licence-number

Hiring a car


Image source: Alquiler de Coches on Flickr

People hiring a car need not worry the code gives hire firms access to their information too. Once a code is given the company can view any penalty points and vehicle information about you.

Going online and generating a code sounds easy, right? Well not everyone thinks so, especially as there are more seniors wanting to travel than ever before. Even car hire companies like Hertz are making special exceptions for this demographic, providing no age limit and a 10% discount. Not everyone will have access to the internet and not everyone knows how to use it, so what is the fate for these customers? A large phone bill.

Insuring a car

It’s simple. Provide us (or your insurer) with your diving licence number to generate your code using the previous instructions. Or if it is simpler create a PDF using the DVLA website. But make sure all of the information is correct otherwise there may be consequences, for providing false or misleading information!

What are your thoughts? Are you worried about the change or tell us how the change has affected you using our Facebook page.


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