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The Campervan Holiday Experience

Friday, 01 April 2016 GMT
Author: Staveley Head

In the past we’ve written blogs about caravan and motorhome holidays, but what about a good old retro campervan experience. 

That’s right. We don’t just cover caravans and motorhomes, but we provide campervan insurance too!

Campervan Exeprience

Image source: Anon Photography on Flickr (Text added)

Classic campervans may be old but they’re just as popular as ever. From festivals to family holidays, people are enjoying the laid back campervan lifestyle.

The retro feel of a campervan reminds people of a simpler time - a time before technology took over. That’s why a campervan holiday isn’t just a holiday, but an experience.

It’s Simple

As the world focuses on making life simpler with sat navs and autonomous vehicles, the VW camper is already there.

There’s no technology telling you where to go or when you need to get there. It’s about taking life as it comes and enjoying the surroundings.

Of course there is an element of manual labour involved - without power steering and automatic breaking you actually have to drive the vehicle.

The Journey

Driving a classic campervan is an experience in itself. With maximum speeds of 60mph it’s important to leave enough time to reach your destination.

campervan journey

Image source: Highways Agency on Flickr

The good thing about not rushing is that you get to enjoy the journey, which is just as much part of the holiday as lying on the beach.

When choosing your campervan keep these points in mind;

  • Who’s going? Seating arrangements are important make sure there are enough seats (with belts) for the whole party.
  • Classic or modern? Of course you don’t have to go classic, modern campers are also an option – they’re easier to operate and travel quicker. Although the experience does lose a little something.
  • It can get cramped so remember to pack an awning for a little extra space.

Meeting New People

When you have a campervan, people assume you’re retro, loving, down-to-earth people, which you’ll find always sparks conversation.

camper van crew

Image source: Mene Tekel on Flickr

Whether it’s about the campervan, the holiday or the swinging 60’s people will find something to talk about.

The best thing about this is that you never know who you’ll meet, enjoy it - it all adds to the experience.

Adventure Time

The world is your oyster; you can go wherever you feel. It’s this laid back attitude that makes the campervan experience really come to life. 

camper van exploration 2

Image source: William Newman on Flickr

When choosing a destination make sure there is something the whole family can enjoy. Try not to plan too much leaving time for the unexpected.

Days at the beach are always fun and this is where the camper is most at home. So remember to pack the surf board and take to the waves.

What’s your favourite thing about the campervan experience? Share your stories now on Facebook and Twitter - @Staveley_Head.


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