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Caravan Racing –Total Devastation. Totally Entertaining.

Monday, 05 October 2015 GMT
Author: Staveley Head

When towing a caravan you wouldn’t usually drive over 60 mph, cut corners and aim to completely demolish your caravan. This makes caravan racing seem unusual but is actually really entertaining.

If you're a fan of Top Gear you may remember, Hammond, May and Clarkson taking on this challenge and totally destroying some old caravans. But it was not Top Gear who invented the idea. In the mad world of banger racing the event is known as a ‘Caravan Demolition Derby’ and has been popular since the 1960’s.

The aim of the game is to reach the chequered flag whilst destroying as many caravans as possible, easy right? Well, trying not to be destroyed can be pretty difficult, after all this is where caravans go to be demolished!

During a day’s event spectators can enjoy a range of vehicles being completely demolished. But prepare for a long day as the caravan demolition is usually the last event as it leaves so much mess. And it’s not just the UK that enjoys this motorsport; Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium and America love it too!

The UK is home to some great stadiums where you can enjoy the sport. In the South there’s Aldershot Raceway which hosts several banger events each year. The latest caravan demolition derby was during the 2015 Easter break -

Moving on to the East of England is Skegness Stadium. The stadium holds Caravan Demolition Derby’s regularly, and they get completely trashed! Take a look -

There are plenty of other banger racetracks in the UK and here is a great fixture list. The whole idea of the sport is to have fun and enjoy the day. Even for caravan lovers this can be really entertaining, saying goodbye with one last great memory.

And, all you need to take part is;

  • A banger race track
  • An old car
  • A caravan
  • And someone crazy enough to drive

If you need a caravan insurance quote, although not for a demolition derby! Just give us a call 0800 023 7208.

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