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Things Only Motorhome Owners Will Understand

Tuesday, 15 December 2015 GMT
Author: Staveley Head

There are so many more benefits to owning a motorhome than seeing the world. Here, we share the best things about owning a motorhome that you simply won’t understand until you own one.

First you need your motorhome essentials, like motorhome insurance, tax and a good stock of food and drink – then you’re good to set out on your adventures! 

motorhome by field beach

  1. The world is your oyster. Owning your own motorhome means you’re free to travel whenever and wherever you wish. You’re not restricted by hotel reservations or flight times. Your holiday can be as long or as short as you like. Holidays can even be much more frequent when you have a home on the road – sounds awesome right? It is.
  2. Everything but the kitchen sink? The great news is your motorhome HAS A KITCHEN SINK TOO, so there’s no need to pack your own from home. Once you’re set up properly, you’ll even find that with each holiday there’s a lot less to pack (so less pre-holiday stress, hurray!) and your motorhome will begin to feel like a second home.
  3. Comfort eating. Generally, a holiday is a time to have someone cook for you but that can be expensive. So what are your alternatives, an all-inclusive holiday with strict meal times and a lack of variety? Not with a motorhome holiday, you can choose your food and cook it however you like so everyone is happy. That doesn’t mean you have to cook every night though, if you fancy a takeaway you can get one delivered to your door. Just like home.
  4. Neighbours become good friends. It is a lot easier to pick and choose your neighbours in a motorhome. You’ll also find that you meet loads of new and interesting people. But if you just want to escape the world and find a peaceful retreat, a motorhome is great for that too. As we said, the world really is your oyster.
  5. Taking in the scenery. In a motorhome, you aren’t bound to a hotel’s location. You have the freedom to see and explore everywhere. So make the most of it and enjoy the mornings – there’s no feeling like opening up your motorhome and taking in the scenery while enjoying a morning coffee.
  6. Focusing on simple pleasures. Because you’re short on space, you know how untidy a motorhome can get in a short space of time. This makes you a lot less likely to go on a holiday shopping spree or pack huge suitcases to travel with. A motorhome lifestyle forces you to enjoy the simpler things in life – that means you’ll focus on having experiences rather than buying lots of things.

Do you own a motorhome? What do you love the most about your home on wheels? Share your thoughts with us now on Facebook and Twitter.


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