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The Vehicles of Villains

Wednesday, 14 October 2015 GMT
Author: Staveley Head

It’s October the spookiest month of the year and in light of this we thought we’d delve into the world of villainous cars! From the live action to the animation we’re looking at the vehicles of some of the most famous and scariest villains around.

Despicable Me

We will begin light heartedly with the most despicable villain known to Universal Pictures! Gru captured the hearts of adults and children alike but that was after he had stolen the moon, created the freeze ray and numerous other weapons. And his vehicle of choice was epic! The strangely shaped vehicle comes equipped with rocket for a quick getaway. It is so popular that someone has even tried to replicate the ‘Grumobile’ especially for Halloween.

Steve Kent's Gru Mobile, Halloween 2014 from Steve Kent on Vimeo.

James Bond, Goldfinger

Aston Martins, Jaguars, Ferraris what luxury classic cars have Bond villains not driven? But even with so much choice it is clear the most villainous car has to be the effectively named Rolls-Royce Phantom III. The original wartime car driven by Goldfinger was the perfect classic vehicle; with 1930’s charm and sophistication it still possessed an air of mystery.

Mad Max: Fury Road

There are so many cars, trucks and tanks in this movie it is hard to pick a favourite, but the Doof Warrior’s Doof Wagon was just so insane it had to be the winner. Adequately named ‘Sonic Carmageddon’ by Warner Brothers, this is basically a music system used to rally up the troops. If the roar of the music wasn’t enough the truck even has a guitarist suspended in mid air with a flame throwing guitar! Director George Miller has gone all out to create the ultimate music machine.

Batman Returns

The penguin’s rubber ducky! You may argue it is not a vehicle; however you would be wrong. There are very few villains’ vehicles that can tackle water, land and the sewers. This is a unique and ironic concept, although a little peculiar.

Captain America vehicle concept art by Daniel Simon

Firstly, what a car WOW! Built on a truck chassis this is one amazing looking Hydra Schmidt Coupé although technically it’s a roadster. This futuristic car has 10 wheels and a 16 cylinder cube power engine; it is a car enthusiast’s dream.

But trying to take the top spot over the last couple of years is Jaguar with their hell raising adverts!


Happy Halloween!

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