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Why take a motorhome to a music festival?

Tuesday, 13 June 2017 GMT
Author: Staveley Head

The UK music festival season is about to begin! If you’re thinking about attending one (or a few) this summer, but the thought of spending a weekend under canvas in a crowded, noisy (probably muddy) field doesn’t appeal then a motorhome could be the option for you.



(Image source: Paul Townsend on Flickr)

Most festivals accept touring vehicles and have given them their own separate section away from the tents. Although taking a motorhome can be more expensive than staying in a tent, it allows you to enjoy yourself with a few home comforts.

As providers of motorhome insurance here are some of the reasons to take a motorhome to festival this summer.


Easy to set up

If you’ve ever taken a tent to a festival then you’ll understand that finding a pitch and setting up isn’t one of the highlights of the weekend. Depending which festival you go to, it could be a long walk from the car park or bus drop off point to the camping zone, leaving you to carry your tent and belongings.

Taking a motorhome means all that can be forgotten, as you drive past other envious festival goers who have to carry all their belongings and put up and take down a tent, where as you’ll have all your things ready to go, leaving you to sit back and relax.


Home comforts

The great thing about motorhomes is that everything you need is pretty much under one roof. Instead of spending a small fortune on expensive festival food, you can cook your own in the comfort of your motorhome.  Make sure you pack ingredients that are easy to put together and quick to cook, as you won’t want to spend all your time preparing meals. Having easy access to drinking water and maybe a fridge to keep the beers cold also helps.




You’ll also have access to a shower and toilet, saving you the trouble of making the journey to the notoriously unpleasant festival portaloos. And you can look forward to coming back to a warm bed at the end of the night.


Warm and Waterproof

Music festivals in the UK are often disrupted by the weather, with many festival goers ending up soaked through and muddy. Meaning they’ll have to spend the weekend in a wet and dirty tent, which isn’t the most pleasant of experiences.

Taking a motorhome ends that problem, giving you a warm haven away from the Great British elements, giving you a chance to make a brew in the dry whilst it rains or you’re waiting for your favourite act to come on.


Things to do before leaving


muddy boots

(Image source: Phil on Flickr)

If you decide to take a motorhome to a music festival there are a few things you need to do before you set-off:

  • Check your tickets! Most festivals require you to buy separate motorhome and campervan tickets as well as the standard festival ticket.
  • Research the facilities 
  • Make sure you have packed sensibly and have everything you need for the weekend (including waterproofs and wellies, just incase). 
  • Check your motorhome, making sure your water, oil and windscreen washer fluid is topped up, tyre pressure and tread is correct and that you have enough fuel to last the weekend.


The Campsite Finder

If you want to take in the atmosphere of the festival, and don’t mind a lack of personal space or being kept awake by drunken revellers returning home then staying on the festival campsite will work for you, but if you’re looking for somewhere a bit quieter, away from it all then our Campsite Finder could help.




One of the campsites on our Campsite Finder is Greenacres Camping, which is only 2 miles away from Glastonbury. So if you fancy a peaceful, spacious campsite close to the festival, this is the one for you.

Do you know of any brilliant campsites located near a festival? Lets us know on Facebook or Twitter and we may add them to our Campsite Finder.

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