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Life Hacks for Happy Motorhomes

Thursday, 20 August 2015 GMT
Author: Staveley Head

If you own a motorhome you probably like the idea of having a piece of home on the road. With your own kitchen, bathroom and home comforts you can come and go as you please. But sometimes don’t you just wish there was a little more space?

Sure motorhomes have hidden compartments with a place for almost everything. Or that is until that unexpected relative arrives or the kids bring their friends along. Then you could use more space. But there are some useful motorhome hacks for these unexpected moments.

Be Prepared

Don’t let the unexpected catch you by surprise. You can prepare for eventualities without taking up too much room. One great hack is to pre-prepare food like pancakes and scrambled eggs. Placing these into a plastic squeeze bottle means you don’t have to take each individual ingredient, which leaves space for other items. In the event of cold weather, bubble wrap comes in handy. And not just for the hours of entertainment it provides, but it also insulates your motorhome. Just spray water on the window pane and place the bubble wrap onto the glass and you’re done.



Be Safe

Travelling somewhere new can be a little daunting so ensure you take some extra steps to stay safe. Write the campsite name and address on a white board in case of an emergency, then you will remember where you are.

light 217x300


Light up your pitch at nightfall. There are a variety of useful lights you can buy, but why not recycle? Use empty glass jars and place tea lights inside. Or place glow in the dark stickers on the entrance of your motorhome ensuring you don’t trip or lose your way.

Be Creative

Utilise all of the space in your motorhome with these creative and easy hacks.

  • Using the shower area to dry clothes is a great tip, this way you will keep the damp out of the main living space and also keep clothes clean.
  • On a hot day use piece a small hole into cake cases or cling film add a straw and you have the perfect lid for any cup, plus it will keep any bugs out of your drinks.
  • Create a soap pouch – just sew a flannel around a bar of soap, this way you won’t lose your soap.




A shoe holder is a great way to create extra storage, whether you cut it up to provide extra compartments or you purchase a few for use in the bedroom and bathroom, they’re great for holding toiletries.

There are so many ways to make space in your motorhome all you have to do is think outside the box and be a little creative. We bet you have some great hacks of your own and we’d love to hear them, so share your ideas with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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