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Why take a motorhome to a music festival?

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Thursday, 13 June 2019 GMT

Author: Peter Cresswell

The UK festival season can be completely hit or miss depending on the weather, but the poor weather didn’t stop the 29.1 million people attending live music events in the UK in 2017 with that many people it’s no surprise how much the festival industry is worth to the UK economy, which a study by UK Music revealed is almost £1 billion.

Festivals are amazing fun and you’re guaranteed to create memories that will last a lifetime but the thought of spending a weekend in a damp, muddy and cramped tent can be very off-putting. But, what if you can still have an amazing time and avoid all the horrible consequences of staying in a tent?


(Image source: Paul Townsend on Flickr)

Most festivals accept touring vehicles and have given them their own separate section away from the tents. Although taking a motorhome can be more expensive than staying in a tent, the benefits are enormous, and it allows you to enjoy yourself with a few home comforts.

As providers of motorhome insurance here are some of the reasons to take a motorhome to a festival this summer:

1. No long walks to the campsite

One of the worst things about camping at festivals is the walk from the car park to the campsite. Download festival is the most notorious for the marathon from the car park to campsite with some previous attendees saying it took them almost 2 hours to make the walk.

This walk is made worse by the large rucksack on your bag and all the beers or alcohol you’re carrying in with you. Even if you were to get dropped off or get the bus in, it’s still a fair distance to walk with all that weight through the muddy paths, searching for a tiny spec of space to pitch your tent in the vast sea of multi-coloured popup tents.

Taking a motorhome means all that can be forgotten, as you drive past other envious festival goers who must carry all their belongings and put up and take down a tent, whereas you’ll have all your things ready to go, freeing up more time to sit back and relax.

2. No queuing for the toilets

If you ask anybody who has been to a festival what the worst thing is, the one resounding answer you will get is “the toilets”. The queue is always huge, and it seems like everybody has the same idea of going early at 4am to avoid it. They always smell horrendous and the ground near them is covered in deep muddy puddles. When you get to the toilet they look like they’ve not been cleaned in years and they rarely have toilet paper!

In a motorhome, you have your own clean private toilet which means no queuing, no smells, no muddy floor and you’ll have toilet paper.


3. Cold alcohol and cocktails

In a tent, your alcohol will be lukewarm and usually covered in mud if you’ve not stored them in a cool box. But, if you take a motorhome, you can keep your beers on ice ready for the pre-drinks. If beers aren’t your thing? Well, how about a cocktail?… You can easily make cocktails if you take a motorhome! Become a motorhome mixologist and enjoy the festival with style.

4. Get dressed in comfort

If you think getting dressed at home is stressful, try getting dressed in a tiny tent where you must crouch down and become a gymnast just to put on a pair of shorts. If you’re wearing makeup, then it’s even worse as festivals are strict on what you can bring in when camping, for example, Creamfields festival in Daresbury will not allow any glass, so mirrors are a big no-no.

Motorhome life means getting dressed in comfort, you can have plenty of mirrors to do your makeup, places to plug in your hair dryer or hair straighteners and you can easily keep all your makeup clean and away from the mud.


5. Sleep in a proper bed

Every time you sleep in a tent on an airbed, you seem to wake up in the middle of the night and the airbed has half deflated, you’re covered in sweat and your skin is now sticking to the bed. Either that or the bed has completely deflated and you’re sleeping on the hard floor!

In your motorhome, you can get some well-deserved shut-eye on a lovely soft bed with a proper quilt and fluffy pillows. You’ll be heading out to the festival the next day feeling refreshed unlike the people in tents.

6. Shower off the mud

So, after getting covered in mud and other questionable liquids which get thrown into the air (fingers crossed it’s just warm beer) you just want a nice warm shower… Most festivals don’t have showers and if they do, they’re reserved for the VIP campers. But, even if you’re VIP you’ll still have to queue, and you’ll be lucky if you end up getting any hot water.

Most motorhomes have a shower which can be an absolute lifesaver when you come back covered in mud and other unpleasant liquids. You can enjoy a nice hot shower and feel refreshed, especially if you’re at Leeds festival which is notoriously a muddy affair.


7. No noisy neighbours

The walls of a tent aren’t exactly thick, so you can literally hear people having a conversation from halfway across the campsite. Add in the effect of all the alcohol people are drinking and being extremely loud makes sleeping in a tent very difficult.

Motorhomes are much more sound-proof, so you’ll be able to get that much-needed rest after a day of dancing and singing.

8. Heating and air-con

Being in a tent at a festival like Reading festival means you’ll either be freezing cold or you’ll be boiling hot. It seems there really is no in-between!

Motorhomes have heating and air-con, so you can get to that perfect temperature no matter what the weather is like outside. There’s nothing better than coming back to a warm motorhome after a fun but freezing cold rainy day at a festival.

9. Better food at better prices

If you’ve ever been to a festival, then you’ll know the food can be a rip off and downright rubbish for the price you’re paying. At some festivals like Parklife, you can expect to pay £5 for some snacks such as chips and £5 for a bottle of water.

If you take a motorhome then you’ll have a full kitchen to cook up a storm! Head into the festival with a full belly full of nutritious food and save money as you’ll have all the water you need. You can enjoy nice meals instead of having chips for breakfast, lunch and dinner (or you can still have chips but just delicious homemade ones!).

Whilst all the other tent owners head back for some soggy chips or rubbery burgers, you can pop back and cook some tasty grub.


10. Watch TV while you wait for your favourite acts

Waiting for the acts to start at a festival can be a long wait, especially if you’re hungover, dirty and cold. There’s nothing to do and you’re usually just sat there wishing you were tucked up in bed watching a bit of Gavin and Stacey.

Well if you own a motorhome, you’ll be able to relax and watch a bit of TV! Head back to your vehicle for an hour to recoup and have a few cocktails whilst watching a film or even just listen to some music.

11. Charge your phone

Unless you bring a portable charger with your tent then your phone will die. Even if you bring one, it seems that after the first day it’s completely drained as all your friends who didn’t bring one, want to use yours.

You can easily charge your phone in your motorhome and you can even charge a small portable charger up to take into the arena with you to ensure you’ve always got a battery to capture videos & photos of your favourite acts.

12. Secure and safe

A negative of staying in a tent is how easy they are to break into. Many people report items being stolen and it can completely ruin the festival to return to find your tent wide open and half your stuff missing.

It’s a lot harder to break into a motorhome and the inbuilt alarm will put off the person trying to break in. If you wanted some extra security, you could even install a safe to store your most expensive possessions.

13. No people falling on your tent

If you pitch your tent next to the path, then there’s a 99% chance somebody will trip over your guy lines and fall onto your tent. Being woken up by somebody falling and breaking your tent is not a great feeling.

Motorhomes don’t have guy lines, so there won’t be anybody falling on you in the middle of the night!

Things to do before leaving

If you decide to take a motorhome to a music festival, there are a few things you need to do before you set-off:

  • Check your tickets! Most festivals require you to buy separate motorhome and campervan tickets as well as the standard festival ticket.
  • Research the facilities to see if they have any banned items or restrictions.
  • Make sure you pack sensibly and have everything you need for the weekend (including waterproofs and wellies, just in case).
  • Check your motorhome, making sure your water, oil and windscreen washer fluid is topped up, tyre pressure and the tread is correct and that you have enough fuel to cover the journey there and back home.
  • If you’re travelling a long distance to go to the festival, then make sure you have motorhome breakdown insurance just in case you break down on route to the event.

The Campsite Finder

If you want to take in the atmosphere of the festival, and don’t mind a lack of personal space or being kept awake by drunken revellers returning home then staying on the festival campsite will work for you, but if you’re looking for somewhere a bit quieter, away from it all then our Campsite Finder could help.


One of the campsites on our Campsite Finder is Greenacres Camping, which is only 2 miles away from Glastonbury festival. So, if you fancy a peaceful, spacious campsite close to the festival, this is the one for you.

Do you know of any brilliant campsites located near a festival? Lets us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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