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Courier Insurance

From single to multi courier insurance, we tell you everything you need to know about Courier Insurance. Find out more and get a quote today.

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Courier Insurance

We know how tough being a courier is. You're asked by your clients to transport their goods safely and efficiently, day or night, and in all weathers. No pressure then! So, whether it’s for a fleet of courier vans or a single vehicle, whatever you're delivering and wherever you're working, your courier insurance needs to work with you and work for you to keep your business moving.

Why Us?
Courier Guides
  • Introductory discounts available
  • £10,000 goods in transit included in cover
  • Multi-vehicle policies available for up to 10 vehicles
  • Fleet cover available for 5+ vehicles
  • Optional breakdown cover

Your courier insurance policy explained

We understand that when it comes to courier insurance some policy wording or terms may not be clear or well understood. Our guide will give you a clear understanding of your courier insurance policy. Read more

Everything you need to know about courier insurance and becoming a self-employed courier driver

Are you considering becoming a courier driver for the first time or starting up your own courier business? By getting the right courier insurance you can start your new venture in the best possible way. Read more

What does courier insurance cover?

If your business requires you to move goods for customers, it's essential that you’re legally covered on the road to keep your business moving. Obtaining the right courier insurance cover is dependent on the type of operation that you’re working in. Read more

Is my business also covered through courier insurance if my vehicle is stolen or damaged?

As a courier driver, you spend hours on the road delivering your client’s goods.  The amount of time spent travelling between drop-off point’s means you’re exposed to accidents on the road on a daily basis, and the goods that you’re transporting can also be targeted by thieves. Read more

How to get an accurate courier van insurance quote

It’s important to get an accurate courier van insurance quote to make sure you get sufficient cover for your vehicle. To make this process a bit easier, here’s what information we’ll require to provide you with an accurate quote first time. Read more

Can I get coverage for a courier van fleet under one policy?

We know that looking after a fleet of courier vans can be a bit of a juggling act. Managing the maintenance, paperwork and looking after your drivers can be a real hassle. Our fleet policy is designed to make your life a little easier.  Read more

Everything you need to know about courier van insurance for your business

Running your own courier business can be extremely rewarding, but not without its own challenges. That’s why having the correct courier insurance in place can give you peace of mind, knowing that your business is covered in the event of vehicle downtime. Read more


Your courier insurance questions answered

Why do I need Courier Van Insurance?
As a courier you are transporting sometimes valuable goods for delivery – your average van insurance policy would not cover you for this. With Courier Van Insurance you are covered for hire and reward giving you peace of mind.
What’s the difference between courier van insurance and haulage insurance?
The main difference between a haulier and courier is that a courier will deliver goods to several drop-off points and a haulier will make one long journey to deliver goods to only one or a couple of places.
Can I transfer my car NCD onto my courier policy?
No, only courier NCD can be transferred but a second vehicle NCD can be applied to offer an introductory discount.
Is my vehicle covered abroad?
Yes, most policies will provide you with the minimum level of cover needed to follow the laws on the compulsory insurance of motor vehicles within any EU/EEA country.

However please remember the inclusive goods in transit cover does not operate outside of the territorial limits of the policy so this cover will only be operative within GB, NI, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.
I have comprehensive cover can I drive other vans?
You cannot drive other vehicles with courier insurance.
Can I add a driver to my policy?
Yes, as long as they meet restrictions;
  • They have no unspent criminal convictions
  • Age limitations will apply, please speak to one of our agents for further information
  • Licence limitations will apply, please speak to one of our agents for further information

For more information call us 0800 970 9980

Does my policy come with goods in transit cover?
Yes £10,000 goods in transit cover is included in all courier policies. Further cover can be provided with our optional goods in transit policy.

However please remember the inclusive goods in transit cover does not operate outside of the territorial limits of the policy so this cover will only be operative within GB, NI, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.
Does my policy come with public liability insurance?
No, public liability cover is not included. This can be purchased separately as an optional extra.
My partner is not a courier; can they use my van for leisure purposes?
Yes, if your spouse is named in the certificate they would be covered for SDP. For further information please call us 0800 970 9980
Can I use the van for leisure as well as work?
Yes, your van can be used for social domestic and pleasure purposes as well as hire and reward. Please be aware that using the vehicle for any other purpose will not be covered.
Why do I need to tell you about claims that occurred on another policy?
We require your complete driving history of up to 5 years to provide you with an accurate quote.
Do you do short term insurance? 
No, we offer courier van insurance for a minimum of 12 months.
Do you offer special discounts for network drivers?
Yes, we work with many networks so don’t forget to tell us when getting your quote.

Types of Courier Insurance

Comprehensive: This type of insurance covers you for third party, fire and theft, and will also cover your courier van should it be lost or damaged in an accident.

Third Party, Fire and Theft: Will pay money to a third party who suffers loss or damage where you are legally liable. This type of insurance also pays money if your courier van is stolen or damaged by attempted theft or fire.

Third Party Only: This type of insurance will pay money to a person who suffers loss or damage where you are legally liable.


What other Courier Insurance options should I consider?

For greater peace of mind, you might find it useful to consider our range of courier van optional extras including breakdown cover, goods in transit, liability insurance, and excess protection.


Other cover options you may be interested in

Fleet Insurance: Getting a fleet insurance policy can provide your business with greater flexibility and possibly help to save you money.

Van Insurance: We offer cover for single van insurance comparing quotes from leading insurers. That’s not all; we can also mirror your No Claims Discount.

HGV Insurance: Get cover for HGVs with a gross vehicle weight of between 5 and 44 tonnes. We can also offer an introductory discount.


How to get a Courier Insurance quote

Compare courier insurance rates in minutes. Simply enter your information and courier van details to get started.

Start a quote.

Whether you’re looking for courier van insurance or delivery driver insurance, we can provide you with options to choose the cover you and your job require.

Each of our courier insurance policies give you at least the minimum level of cover required by law in EU member countries.

Our highly experienced team of courier insurance specialists work with the top insurers so you have a variety of options. And with handy optional extras like goods-in-transit, liability insurance, breakdown insurance, you can get all your cover in one place. Easy.

Get your courier insurance quote today.

Courier Insurance Insurance
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