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As providers of HGV insurance we aim to keep up to date with the latest trucking industry news.

September 2017
Increasing fines: are they enough to deter-rule breaking?
Breaking the law can be an expensive business for hauliers. What's more, it seems to be getting more expensive by the year. Read more...
Rise in lorry tachograph tampering on UK roads
More than 440 lorries crossing into the UK last year were found with manipulated tachographs, Britain's road regulator has said. Read more...
5 smartphone apps for HGV drivers
If being caught in endless traffic jams or getting stuck down narrow lanes sounds all too familiar, we’re here to help. We want to show you some of the best smartphone apps for HGV drivers, so that you can avoid these inconveniencies and make your life that little bit easier. Read more... 
June 2017
Record fines for truckers found with migrants in their lorries
Ten fines are issued daily to hauliers after migrants are found hiding in their lorries, new figures show. A fine of up to £2000 can be enforced on drivers or firms if reasonable measures were not taken to secure the vehicle. Read more...
Plans for 300-truck lorry park in Dover revealed
Residents and truck drivers have been invited to have their say on proposed plans for a 300-truck lorry park in Whitfield, Dover. Read more...
New EU proposal to affect truck drivers
A new proposal by the EU has been presented, which aims to block truck drivers from lower-wage countries undercutting higher paid drivers when they travel to other EU countries. Read more...
RHA call for increased military in Calais
The Road Haulage Association (RHA) is urging the French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe to increase the military presence at Calais to restore law and order. Read more...
May 2017
Governments must manage the transition to driverless trucks
Government must consider ways of managing the transition to driverless trucks to avoid social disruption from job losses says a report by the International Transport Forum (ITF) with three partner organisations. Read more...
Investment in infrastructure is vital to continued growth after the General Election says FTA
The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has welcomed commitment to increase investment in road and rail infrastructure by the three main political parties in their General Election manifestos. But warns that all parties must make this investment as soon as the election has concluded, to ensure that road and rail freight can move seamlessly in the UK, and across Europe. Read more...
Apr 2017
Post Brexit Customs Checks Could Create Gridlocks
The shipping industry has warned that the UK's ports could face massive gridlocks if customs checks are introduced to the UK and Ireland once the Brexit process is complete. Read more...
Mar 2017
The March Budget 2017 Brings Good News for Truckers 
Chancellor Phillip Hammond has announced that both VED rates for hauliers and the HGV Road User Levy will both be frozen following this year's budget. Read more...
DVSA Updates Load Security

The DVSA has updated load security guidelines for HGV operators. Read more...

Feb 2017
No Car Sat-Navs for HGVs

Local councils have been protesting that lorry drivers shouldn't be allowed to use sat-navs specifically designed for cars, as HGVs are getting stuck under low and narrow bridges. Read more...

Jan 2017
FTA Call on Government Support for Green Fuel Switch

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) have called on the Government to provide substantial financial support to help achieve an increase in the take-up of green fuels and technologies. Read More...

Nov 2016
Confessions of the Road
Our recent 'confessions of the road' survey produced some interesting results about the driving habits of UK truckers. The findings were picked up by a number of online publications including The Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail. You can read more about the overall findings in our recent blog post here.
Oct 2016
Trucker of the Year

Last year we started our search for the UK’s ‘Trucker of the Year’ and received many nominations, but in the end it was Kara Rouse who won the title.

In partnership with Trucking Magazine, Transport Cafe and Truckstop News, we’re on the hunt for the 2016 #TruckerOfTheYear – the UK’s most awesome HGV driver! Read More...

Fuel Card Services

Members can benefit from a free, no-obligation discount fuel card from our exclusive fuel card partner, The Fuelcard People, providing savings of up to 5p per litre & up to 10p per litre at motorway pumps. Read More...
Sep 2016
Introducing She’s RHA

After discovering that the haulage industry will need to recruit 1.2 million more people by 2022, the RHA have set out to encourage more women to join the industry. Currently only 1% of drivers are women and the RHA believe more needs to be done to represent women in a positive way. To tackle the issue the RHA have introduced She’s RHA – an initiative celebrating women in the industry. Read More...
Aug 2016
July 2016
Transport Minister Announces New Green Truck Fund

The £15 million vehicle fund is great news for fleet operators as they aim to reduce carbon emissions. As well as £15 million for vehicles a supporting £4 million for infrastructure will be provided. The money will be used for research and development into new technologies. Read more...

UK plans to build the world’s largest lorry park

The government agree to build a 3,600-lorry parking area in Dover and The Freight Transport Association are delighted. The development is said to cost approximately £250 million and be the size of 90 football pitches – making it the largest in the world! Read more...

FTA’s Top 10 Crunch Issues for British Logistics

As the UK prepares to leave the European single market the FTA lay out their plans, announcing some of the issues they will be monitoring and influencing over coming months. Access to the single market, border control, customs arrangements, and fuel duty are amongst some of the issues being monitored.  For more information take a look at the FTA’s ABC guide to Brexit. Read more...
May 2016
HGV sales are on the rise

According to figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), HGV sales rose by almost a fifth during the first three months of 2016. Over 10,000 commercial vehicles weighing six tonnes plus were registered during this quarter – an increase of 19.2% compared to the same period in 2015. Read More...

Tackling the HGV Driver Shortage

On May 18th the Road Haulage Association (RHA) launched its new initiative known as ‘Road to Logistics’. The scheme is the result of a collaboration between the RHA, Microlise and services charity - Care After Combat. The purpose of the collaboration is to tackle the UK’s HGV driver shortage by providing veterans with jobs that ease them back into the community. Find out more...

Self-Employed Driver Warning

Employers hiring drivers with self-employed status from agencies or umbrella brands have received a warning from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) this week, notifying them that they could be violating the rules. If employers are found in the wrong they may face considerable penalties including tax arrears, interest and penalties. The issue has been highlighted by both the HMRC and Road Haulage Association. Read more...

HGVs Targeted by Mayoral Candidates

As London’s mayoral vote draws closer it seems that HGV’s are a main talking point. The rush hour ban; which will see HGV’s banned from London roads during rush hour seems inevitable, especially as the four main mayoral candidates plan to cut the number of HGV’s on London roads. Read more...

Does the UK HGV levy discriminate against non-UK hauliers?

The European Commission has taken the first step in infringement proceedings – issuing a letter of formal notice to UK authorities. The letter asks for further explanation of the UK HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles) levy as national users benefit from a 1:1 reduction of vehicle taxes.

The levy was introduced to ensure vehicles weighing in excess of 12 tonnes make a contribution to the UK road network. However according to Global Tax News the current payment plan means that national users do not contribute to this. Find out more...
April 2016
Goldsmith’s aim to clean up London

If conservative MP Zac Goldsmith is elected Mayor of London he aims to clean up London’s air pollution. Which may be unwelcome news for the HGV industry as Goldsmith looks to introduce tougher standards in an act to get lorries off London roads. The transport manifesto also included the creation of an electric vehicle scheme and a new deal for cyclists.

Chereau Debut at CV Show

Chereau will debut their newest enhancement in controlled temperature HGV technology at the CV show this month.  The SmartOpen-C is the latest technology consisting of a door that opens above the roof. There are many benefits to this new design including increased hygiene and longer driving times. Read more...
March 2016
Good news for HGV industry in the 2016 budget!

March’s budget included a freeze on Vehicle Excise Duty rates (VED) and the Road User Levy for larger trucks and goods vehicles. Read More...

Driverless HGV's on UK roads

The testing of driverless Lorries is said to be in George Osborne’s speech this month. It is said that driverless technology will use less fuel and enable group movement. Initial tests will begin on the M6 in Cumbria. Read more...
February 2016
Safety Scheme Success

It’s looking up for the construction industry as CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety) gain 100 supporters for the cause. The organisations aim is to improve safety for vulnerableroad users with the hope that the number of accidents will decline. Read more here... 

London Transport Plan

HGV’s generally get bad press when it comes to the streets of London but things may be about to change. London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan’s vision for London includes an affordable transport system offering opportunity for the freight and logistics industry. Find out more...

Rush Hour Ban

November 2015 saw the beginning of an ongoing debate – whether or not HGV’s should be allowed on London roads during rush hour.

The conversation began after shocking statistics were released showing many cyclists deaths were due to collisions with HGV’s.

This story is back as Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Caroline Pidgeon recalls the issue for a second time. Read more...
January 2016
Diesel Cuts, Good News? 

Supermarkets are slashing the cost of diesel to below £1 which according to the Freight Transport Association (FTA) is a good thing for the freight industry. With FTA members reporting that the cost of fuel is their number one concern the reduction is a welcome change.

Although there are some concerns for the future with Mr Hookham commenting: “Never forget that at £1 per litre – 60p is fuel duty and about 16p will be VAT, so the biggest winner is the Chancellor.  We need to see the Government helping businesses at these uncertain times with a further reduction in fuel duty in the Budget this March.” To find out more here

December 2015

Increase in fixed penalty fines

2016 could see an increase to fixed penalty fines for using a hand held mobile phone at the wheel. Those who will be most affected by the increase are drivers of large vehicles such as HGVs.

The idea behind the increase is to stop repeat offenders – meaning first time offenders may still be offered an educational course to change behaviour.

According to government statistics - 2014 saw 21 fatal accidents and 84 serious accidents where a mobile phone was a contributing factor.

The most notable difference will see drivers of large vehicles receive 3 to 6 points for using a mobile device at the wheel.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said: "Using a mobile phone at the wheel is reckless and costs lives - I want to see it become a social taboo like not wearing a seatbelt”.

November 2015

Education and HGVs...

Despite warnings from the Road Haulage Association that the current shortage of HGV drivers could put the economic recovery at risk, there was no mention in the last budget of any funding aimed at recruiting and training a new generation of drivers.

So how bad are things for the UK haulage industry, and is there a solution to the problem of falling driver numbers without the support of George Osbourne and the Treasury?

In the past 5 years, HGV licence applications have dropped by more than 32,000 and it is estimated that by the end of 2016 the UK haulage industry will be 60,000 drivers short. 

So, is there a solution?

One answer could be found with new technologies eliminating the need for HGV drivers altogether but, even with the might of Google leading the way, this solution is many years away.

So is there a viable solution in the short term? Actually there might be. It’s often argued that youngsters no longer want to become lorry drivers due to the lack of glamour but it be simpler than that, could it be that our young adults just aren’t aware that driving trucks is an option?

A report in 2015 by The All Party Parliamentary Group for Freight Transport stated that “While the general public has some awareness of the drivers and the role that they play in the movement of goods, they are generally unaware of the roles which are required to sustain a fleet of commercial vehicles...”

With the reduction of the age limit for an HGV licence to 18, greater flexibility in truck insurance options for younger drivers and an average articulated lorry driver salary of £30,000could it be that a simple campaign to ‘drive’ awareness in schools, colleges and to the nearly one million young people who are currently not in employment, education or training (NEETs), could help to stem the tide and ensure that Christmas 2017 doesn’t need to be cancelled after all?


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