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How to make a claim on your motor trade insurance

If you have an incident and need to make a claim. Check out our handy guide explaining how you can make a claim on your motor trade insurance.
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When an incident or accident occurs out of the blue, this can lead to you potentially needing to make a claim on your motor trade insurance. To help make this process as simple as possible we’ve put together this short guide. 



Here are the 6 key stages you need to know about when making a motor trade insurance claim: 

1. Are you insured through Staveley Head?

If you’re the policyholder you will need to call 0333 370 9999 and follow the correct options to get through to the First Notification of Loss team (FNOL). You can also find the claims line telephone number in your policy documentation and in your policy wording.

2. Who will you need to speak to first?

You will speak to an FNOL agent. They will set up the claim and take all of your details whilst you’re on the call. If you need roadside recovery this may be instructed at that point.

3. What information will be requested from you? 

Below is a list of all the information we could potentially need from you. It’s worth collecting this and having as much of it as possible to hand before making your claim notification call to ensure you’re fully prepared:

  • Your policy number
  • Your personal details; name, address and best contact details
  • The date, time and location of the accident (as accurate as possible, including identifying landmarks)
  • Accident circumstance description
  • The third party’s vehicle registration number, insurance details (company & policy number), name, address if possible and best contact details
  • Any details for witnesses; names, best contact details
  • Details of any CCTV that may be available
  • Any details of police involvement, reference or log number, attending officer ID and department (station) dealing with the incident

4. What happens after you’ve completed the first notification call?

Following the completion of the initial FNOL call, the FNOL team will complete any necessary validation procedures. Once the claim is validated, it is then sent to the relevant claim handling team to process.

5. When can you expect to hear back from the claims team?

It usually takes about 24 hours for the claims handling team to pick up a new claim and assess it. Following this, you as the insured will be contacted as will any other interested parties that you feel are necessary and any witnesses. Any contact regarding liability will also be made.

6. What happens next?

Service providers are instructed to deal with your vehicle’s damage if you’re making a claim for this. At this point, we may need to make some other enquiries depending on the nature of the claim and once these have been made, the required claim correspondence, if any, will be sent. The progress of the claim is then reviewed at certain pre-set intervals and any further action required may be taken in addition to the action on incoming calls or correspondence.


If you have any further questions regarding our motor trade claims procedure, please don’t hesitate to call our claims team on 0333 370 9999.

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