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What is ‘any driver’ van insurance?

Do you want to find out what 'any driver' van insurance is? Check out our guide to find out.
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We understand that the term ‘any driver’ van insurance can create confusion as to what exactly it is and when this type of cover would be required. This guide will help to provide you with a clear understanding of how ‘any driver’ van insurance works. 



We can provide ‘any driver’ cover on each single van insurance policy. There is no limit to how many people can drive the one van however this is subject to certain criteria. This is ideal if you’ve a business and several employees that all need to drive your van. But if you have more than one van and require ‘any driver’ cover for that vehicle too, you would need to take out a separate policy.

The benefits ‘any driver’ cover can bring are:

  • Saving you time from having to add named drivers
  • The money you could potentially save
  • Peace of mind knowing your van is fully insured 


We can provide the following levels of cover:

  • Comprehensive: Offers the greatest level of protection for vans. This includes damage to your own vehicle and cover for accident, fire, theft and third party liability. Subject to criteria
  • Third party, fire and theft: This cover will pay out if you cause injury to other drivers, passengers and pedestrians or damage to other vehicles or property. It also protects you against any loss or damage to your vehicle caused by theft or fire 


It’s important to understand that there are different factors that can affect your ‘any driver’ van insurance premium. By providing the most accurate information possible, this’ll ensure that you’re getting the correct cover at the right price. Here’s some key information that you’ll need to provide:

  • Your level of No Claims Discount
  • Any motoring claims or convictions
  • Your voluntary excess 


If you require additional protection, we have a range of optional extras that can get you the cover that you need:

  • Guaranteed van hire: If you’re involved in an accident we’ll arrange for a hire vehicle whilst your van is in for repair, or until your claim has been settled
  • Goods in transit: If you’re transporting goods in your van for a living. You can protect these items against loss, damage or theft with our goods in transit cover
  • Van Breakdown insurance: Having breakdown cover could be considered vital, especially when you consider how much money you could lose being stuck by the roadside
  • Excess protection: Safeguard yourself against the cost of your policy excess in the event of a claim as a result of a fault accident
  • Own tools cover: Do you carry tools in your van for work purposes? This cover can protect you in the event of your tools being stolen from your van.
  • Public liability insurance: Can provide protection for you and your business against claims made by members of the public 


If you’re looking for a quote please contact our dedicated and experienced van insurance team on 0800 970 9988, alternatively, we can provide you with a quote online.

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