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Read Staveley Head's tips on motorhome storage and how to help safeguard your motorhome or camper. Practical tips which could help lower your premium.

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As any owner will tell you, buying your motorhome is one thing – but storing it safely is another matter altogether. It can be a challenge to find a secure place to keep it, especially if you don’t have the room at home. However, it’s well worth taking the time to find one, as a secure storage facility can make a significant difference to your motorhome insurance premiums.

Of course, it isn’t all about the money. Keeping your motorhome safe will make all the difference between enjoying your ownership and the whole experience becoming a nightmare.
So to help make sure yours stays safe and you stay happy, we’ve got some top motorhome storage tips for you:



Storage sites could cost you more than keeping your vehicle at home, but they can really help you if you’re limited for space or worried about security. There are quite a few around the UK although they do vary in the services they offer. So check the one nearest you has:

  • CCTV installed
  • Patrolled units
  • Perimeter fencing
  • 24-hour site access
  • The site is accredited with a legitimate caravan storage association

One such association is the CaSSOA; visit their website to find out more about their approved storage sites.


As well as having alarm and immobilisation systems fitted to your motorhome helping to keep it safe and secure, you can also think about:

  • Storing your motorhome behind a secure drive post
  • Keeping your motorhome in a locked garage (whether at your home or another address)
  • Keeping your motorhome behind 24-hour locked gates
  • Installing security lights around the storage area

Not only will these potentially save you money, but you’ll also sleep better knowing that your pride and joy is as safe and secure as can be!

Of course, it’s also a great idea to install security systems on your motorhome, too. There are lots out there so to find out more, visit our motorhome security page.

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