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Backpacker Insurance

Give mum piece of mind by getting your backpacker insurance from Staveley Head. We'll help you get covered when you go travelling. Call us now for a quote!

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Backpacker Insurance

If you’re planning to head off on a gap year or if you fancy a more adventurous holiday, it’s really important you get the right level of cover before you go. After all, these sorts of breaks can take you all over the world – and that isn’t quite the same as a day out in Blackpool…

Why us?
  • Compare quotes from the top providers in one go
  • Give you protection for longer trips to multiple locations
  • Offer replacement passport and travel documentation cover
  • Provide cover for delayed departure or cancellation
  • Cover you for medical expenses up to £10million
  • Give you access to 24-hour medical emergency assistance

Other customers of ours who bought travel insurance found some of these optional covers handy to have, too:

Excess Protection

Excess protection will cover the cost of the excess payment on your policy in the event of a claim. Which means you won’t need to pay any part of claims you make.

Motorhome Insurance

Compare motorhome insurance prices online in minutes.

Car Insurance

We’ve some super competitive car insurance deals, whatever you drive. Backed by some of the UK’s leading insurers, you'll get top quality cover together with big savings and brilliant customer service.

Home Insurance

Get a better home insurance deal with the UK's best buildings and contents specialists. Simple policies, great savings and outstanding cover.

Your questions answered

Can I get immediate cover?
Yes. Your Backpacker Travel Insurance can start immediately and we can email you the documentation so you can access it from wherever you are in the world. We’re so fast and flexible you could even take out your travel insurance on the way to the airport (although it’s not something we’d really recommend!).
Will my policy cover me for a round-the-world trip?
Backpacker Travel Insurance is designed for longer trips to a wide range of locations around the world, but it’s always best to double check with us that your policy covers you for where you’re going.
I’m planning a number of trips but none for longer than a month – do I still need Backpacker Insurance?
If no single trip exceeds 31 days it might be more cost-effective for you to take our Annual Multi-Trip Insurance instead.

Backpacker insurance is different to standard holiday insurance as it covers you for uninterrupted travel, rather than a maximum duration of 31 days.

What’s more, our Backpacker Travel Insurance products provide a comprehensive range of cover as standard. And you can add in extra cover if you’re planning on scuba diving or bungee jumping (see what we mean about Blackpool?!?).

Call us directly to complete your quote get protected – fast. We’ll even email your documents to you so you can access them from wherever you are in the world.

Backpacker Insurance Insurance
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