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How Uber Drivers Can Get 5 Star Ratings

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Tuesday, 02 May 2017 GMT

Author: David McGrath

Do you remember your first 5-star Uber rating? Is it a struggle to get them on a regular basis?

As providers of private hire insurance for Uber drivers, we understand that if your average rating drops below 4.6 out of 5, you could face the risk of being taken off the Uber system.

We want to help you get 5-star ratings every time. So, we’ve put together this guide to give you some useful tips.


In 2015 Uber billed more than £100m in UK fares. With Uber’s growing popularity; you might be expected to do more to earn a 5-star rating. Yes, it’s a challenge but you can do it. By personalising each passenger’s journey.

Ok, here’s what we recommend you could do to encourage your passengers to give you a 5-star rating every time:

  • Meet and greet them with a smile
  • Check they’re the right passenger
  • Open doors
  • Help with any luggage
  • Have free mints, tissues and hand sanitisers available
  • Offer a free bottle of water
  • Ask if the music being played is ok
  • Only talk if passengers want to
  • Display a universal mobile phone charger
  • Always rely on the GPS, even if you know the route
  • Drive safely and don’t break any traffic laws
  • Say thank you
  • Don’t forget to ask for a 5-star rating!




Dressing smartly can give a great first impression. Wear comfortable footwear with a good grip to give you greater pedal control.

You should plan to wash your vehicle once a week to keep it clean and shiny. It’ll appear less welcoming if it’s covered in road dust and bird droppings.

Clean inside your vehicle on a daily basis. Spend 10-15 minutes giving it a hoover and polish. This can prevent passengers from having to sit on crumbs and from breathing in any dust.

Keep your vehicle perfectly maintained. If your wing mirror is broken or your brakes squeak; make sure you get them repaired. Fix any small cosmetic work that you can afford. It’ll make a difference; you wouldn’t want to lose ratings just because your vehicle looks in bad shape.


Sometimes you may have to deal with difficult passengers. Whether they’re being rude or aggressive, it can be challenging.

Here’s what we recommend you do:

  • Staying calm, as losing your temper could make things worse
  • Speaking in a clear and consistent manner
  • Make good eye contact and remain friendly

Don’t forget that you can rate your passengers too. If they receive too many low ratings, they can also be taken off the Uber system. With that in mind, it’s in both yours and their interest to get 5-star ratings.


You may need to choose your passengers more carefully. Uber would like you to accept and complete every ride. However, you don’t have to. You can cancel without having to pay a fee. As long as you do this within 5 minutes of getting the request.

Here’s what you could do to avoid low ratings:

  • Work days to avoid late-night drinkers
  • Cancel a ride if you’re sent to the wrong address
  • Don’t drive when you’re tired or in a bad mood

Are you an Uber driver? We’d love to hear of any tips you have to get 5-star ratings on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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