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Taxi Insurance

At Staveley Head, we pride ourselves on making insurance simple for you. With over two decades of insurance expertise, we’ll guide you on the right path to finding the best quotes for taxi insurance. 

As the taxi industry has evolved, so has insurance coverage. Alongside policies for annual public and private hire taxi insurance, we also provide quotes for private hire cover for Uber drivers

Beyond protecting you and your vehicle, we’re here to support you with excellent customer service and a 24-hour UK-based claims team. You can get tailored cover for a broad range of vehicles even if you have previous claims or driving convictions. 

As one of the UK’s most experienced insurance taxi insurance brokers, we do everything we can to get you the right cover at the lowest possible price. Arranging your insurance with us is an easy process. Get your taxi insurance quote online today, or call us on 0800 0815 025 to talk to one of our insurance experts.

Why Choose Staveley Head To Insure Your Taxi?

  • We’ve been a leading taxi insurance broker for over 30 years.
  • We work with some of the UK’s most reputable taxi insurance companies.
  • You can get tailored taxi car insurance for vehicles up to 15 years old.
  • It’s quick and easy to get a quote for taxi insurance online.
  • Our 24-hour, UK-based claims team are here when you need them.
  • You can add accidental damage cover for vehicles with up to eight seats.
  • Our flexible cover comes with no mileage restrictions.

Do I Need Taxi Insurance?

If you drive any vehicle for other people to hire and pay for transport, you’re legally required to have a taxi licence and a specific taxi insurance policy. This is the case whether you drive for public or private hire. It’s not enough to add business use cover to a standard private car policy either.

But as well as being vital legally, having taxi insurance can be crucial for your peace of mind when behind the wheel. As a cab driver, you could drive long and odd hours in various areas and encounter all sorts of customers and conditions. Specialist taxi insurance will provide reassurance that you’re covered for whatever comes your way.

What Levels Of Taxi Insurance Cover Are Available?

Comprehensive Taxi Insurance

Our broadest level of cover for you and your vehicle. Comprehensive taxi insurance includes accidental damage, fire and theft or attempted theft of your vehicle, and third-party liabilities in the event of an accident. This cover also includes damage to your windscreen and accessories of the trade permanently fitted to your vehicle, like communication equipment.

Third-Party, Fire And Theft

Third-party insurance for your taxi will provide cover for third-party liabilities in the event of an accident. You will also be covered for loss or damage to your vehicle caused by fire, lightning, explosion, theft or attempted theft and malicious damage. This includes accessories of the trade permanently fitted to your vehicle.

Third-Party Only

You can also take out our third-party only insurance, the minimum level required by law. This won’t cover you for injury or vehicle repairs.

What’s The Difference Between Public And Private Hire Taxi Insurance?

There are two distinct types of taxi insurance: public and private hire. While vehicle age and driver experience are crucial factors affecting both cover prices, the different risk potential means the costs of each type will differ.

In short, if you can pick people up on the street or from a taxi rank, you need public hire taxi insurance. Public hire insurance is commonly used by black cabs and purpose-built taxis that collect fares within a licensed jurisdiction. 

If you only accept pre-arranged trips from selected pick-up points, private hire taxi insurance is the right option for you. Minicab drivers, Uber drivers and airport transport companies take out private hire insurance.

As of March 2021, over 77% of all licensed vehicles in the UK were used for private hire. Private hire insurance can be cheaper, as the pre-booking element can be viewed as reducing the risk factor. 

Public hire taxis spend more time in busy city centres, which means they are exposed to a significantly higher than average risk than most drivers.

How Much Does Taxi Insurance Cost?

All premiums are unique and the cost of taxi insurance can vary depending on lots of factors, including:

  • The size of your vehicle.
  • Your age and driving experience.
  • Whether you have a no-claims discount.
  • Annual mileage.
  • When you typically drive – for example, at night on the weekend.
  • The security of your vehicle when in use and stored overnight.
  • The level of cover you need and any optional extras.

Get a taxi insurance quote and determine how much you could save.

Why Is Taxi Driver Insurance More Expensive Than Regular Car Insurance?

Most taxi insurance policies cost more than regular motor insurance deals, and there are a few practical reasons behind why.

Taxi vehicles usually spend more time on the road than regular cars and travel more miles, with paying passengers in various weather conditions and peak traffic. As a taxi driver, you require protection against a wider variety of situations than the average driver because your passengers are members of the public. These elements increase the statistical risk of accidents, leading to more insurance claims and higher premiums.

Finally, many taxis are larger than conventional cars to help fit more passengers inside, resulting in the vehicle fitting within a different insurance bracket.

What Optional Extras Should I Consider?

Because of the unpredictable nature of the taxi driver profession, it can be helpful to take out optional extras such as:

Motor legal insurance: Accidents can happen at any time. Protect yourself with motor legal cover, including recovery of uninsured losses.

Taxi breakdown insurance: We know your vehicle is your livelihood, so we’ll aim to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We’ll get you to a local garage if repairs can’t be made at the roadside. Learn more about breakdown insurance.

Excess protection: You’ll be covered if you’re required to pay an excess, such as if an uninsured driver hits you or you’re at fault for an accident.

Public liability insurance: This cover is essential for taxi drivers interacting with dozens of people. Public liability protects you and your business from injuries or property damage claims by passengers. Exclusions apply. Learn more about public liability insurance.

What Types Of Vehicles Can I Cover?

We provide cover for a wide range of licensed vehicles that carry passengers for hire or reward. 

Our cover includes:

  • Public hire vehicles, including hackney carriage, London taxi or black cab insurance.
  • Private hire vehicles, including Uber driver, minibus taxi and minicab insurance.

Other Cover You May Be Interested In

We provide tailored cover for all kinds of professional drivers. Other types that might meet your needs include:

  • Chauffeur insurance: A range of coverage options specifically for chauffeurs and limousine drivers, along with extra coverage such as chauffeur and private hire breakdown cover.
  • Minibus insurance: Coverage available for vehicles with eight to 16 passenger seats. Protection for business and personal use and extra options, such as liability insurance.
  • Uber private hire insurance: Hire and reward private hire insurance that includes social use. Optional extras include public liability. 

How To Get Cheap Taxi Insurance

There are many ways you can reduce taxi insurance costs. Whether you’re looking for cheap public or private hire insurance, read our tips to help drive down your premium:

Choose The Right Vehicle

If you’re buying a new vehicle to use as a taxi, you could aim to choose one that falls into a lower insurance group. There are 50 groups in total, and cars in higher groups will cost more to insure.

A vehicle group is judged by the Group Rating Panel, administered by Thatcham Research and features various members of the British insurance industry. They look at factors including size, reliability, the cost of replacement parts, safety features and value. You can check a vehicle’s insurance group online.

You’ll need to balance this grouping against factors like fuel consumption and the kind of service you want to provide. For example, you might invest in a luxury vehicle to transport executive customers, which would be good for business but require you to pay more for insurance. 

Drive Safely

As a professional taxi driver, having points on your licence will quickly increase your costs.

Avoiding driving convictions in abiding by road rules, such as speed limits, can help keep any driver’s insurance premium down. 

Some insurers refuse to cover drivers with minor offences, as they’re viewed as posing a higher risk of getting into accidents on the road. But if you’ve committed any motoring offences in the last five years or have outstanding convictions, we can still help you get the cover you need.

Build Up A No-Claims Discount

Driving safely, building a claim-free record, and no claims discount will reduce your taxi insurance costs.

The more years you go without making an insurance claim, the better. A five-year no-claims discount is worth more than a one-year claim-free record, for example – and you could pay extra to protect this discount. Doing so could allow you to make a claim when you need to without wiping out your hard-earned record.

More Tips For Cheap Taxi Insurance

  • Choosing a higher voluntary excess can help to lower your premium. Make sure you select an excess you can comfortably afford to pay in case of a claim.
  • Security matters for insurance premiums, and the more steps taken to prevent risk, the better it is for your insurance. Deter thieves with a hardwired dashcam and CCTV, parking in a garage or driveway overnight instead of on the street, and a tracker in emergencies are all practical ways to lower risk and your costs.  
  • If you can afford to pay your taxi insurance annually rather than monthly.
  • You will likely save money on interest if you compare taxi insurance deals. As specialist taxi insurance brokers, we work with many leading insurers and can do the hard work for you.
  • Bear in mind the best taxi insurance for you might not be the cheapest, but it will always be a much more affordable option than the cost of not having insurance. Aim to balance cost with features and customer service for cover that meets your needs.

Your Taxi Hire And Reward Insurance Questions Answered

We’ve answered some of the most popular questions about taxi insurance below. Don’t see the information you need? Feel free to contact us and chat with our expert team.

Can I drive other vehicles if I take out comprehensive taxi insurance?

Unfortunately, we can’t offer this due to the circumstances under which taxis are used and because of the considerable difference in vehicle types.

Can I use my taxi for social use as well as a private hire?

Your taxi insurance policy will allow social, domestic and pleasure use in addition to hire and reward. However, many local authorities forbid a plated vehicle to be used by an unregistered driver, so it’s always best to check first.

Do you offer short-term policies, like monthly private hire insurance?

Currently, all our taxi insurance policies are for 12-month periods only.

Do I have to pay in full?

No. All our taxi insurance policies are available with a handy, monthly instalment option to help you spread the cost if it suits your budget better. Terms and conditions apply.

Within how long do I need to declare any previous claims or convictions?

We need to know about all previous claims within the last five years (whether your fault or not). All motoring offences within the previous five years, or those still endorsed on your driving licence, must be disclosed when taking out your taxi insurance policy.

How To Get A Taxi Insurance Quote

There’s no need to call around different companies and wait for responses when you could be collecting fares. 

With Staveley Head, you can compare taxi insurance rates and take out cover in minutes. All you need to do is tell us key bits of information, such as:

  • Details of your vehicle, such as its make and model, current value and where it’s kept when not used.
  • Annual mileage (business and private).
  • How you use your taxi – including where you’re licensed to operate and how many passengers you can legally carry.
  • Whether you have security devices, such as CCTV or a dashcam.
  • Personal details, including your age and whether you have a no claims discount.
  • The level of cover you need – we’ll be happy to explain your options if you’re unsure.

Ready to get things moving? Email taxi@staveleyhead.co.uk or call 0800 0815 024 to chat with our dedicated team for your tailored taxi insurance quote.

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