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Uber Insurance

Are you an Uber driver, looking for Uber insurance? Find out more about the insurance you need with Staveley Head - the insurance experts.
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What is Uber?

We’re glad you asked – Uber is an app that allows users to book a car ride that’s right for them and pay for the journey via card. Meaning cash is not required. Uber also has access to a large number of drivers to provide a quick service.

Founded in the USA in 2009 Uber is known as a Transportation Network Company – that’s a private hire taxi service to you and me. Their aim is to “improve access to transportation” and they have done this with the creation of an easy to use app named Uber!

Their services eventually reached the UK in 2012. Starting out in London the company rapidly grew and now has a presence in the majority of UK cities.


Who are Uber Drivers?

Anyone with a valid Private Hire License and a vehicle that meets the standards set by Uber can apply to be a driver. Successful applicants will attend an onboarding process where they must prove they have the required skills, training and knowledge to drive for Uber.


Uber Insurance

In the US Uber offer insurance for part of the private hire journey but personal insurance must be purchased when driving without passengers. However this insurance option is not offered in the UK – which has caused a lot of confusion.


Uber drivers in the UK are responsible for their own insurance arrangements


Uber do not hold any responsibility when it comes to their UK drivers insurance. As vehicles are not owned by Uber it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure the correct insurance is in place – this is also proven during the on boarding process.

What insurance do you need?

Uber drivers require private hire vehicle insurance with hire and reward. This level of cover ensures both the vehicle and passengers are covered in the event of an accident.

Why Choose Staveley Head?

  • Private Hire Insurance with Hire and Reward as well as use for SDP
  • Public Liability available as an optional extra
  • European cover for up to 60 days as standard (20 days max. In any one trip)
  • Experienced and dedicated taxi insurance team
  • 24 hour UK-based claims team


More about Uber

Uber Service Options

Identifying the need for different sizes and types of vehicles Uber have expanded their services in the UK, offering the below options:

A ‘low cost’ travel option accommodating up to 4 passengers
Virtually the same as UberX but accommodating 6 passengers
Virtually the same as UberX but with a guaranteed black-on-black luxury vehicle
The luxury option for 4 passengers, expect to be travelling in vehicles such as Audi A6, BMW 5-Series or Mercedes E-Class
You’ll be travelling in style in one of the following vehicles Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Audi A8 or BMW 7-series
The Uber black cab equivalent


Uber in the UK

Uber do not offer all services in all areas. The map below indicates what services are available in each destination:

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