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Finding the right HGV insurance cover can seem overwhelming. However, rest assured that we will steer you on the right path towards lorry insurance that suits you.  

For over 20 years, we’ve remained leaders in the commercial insurance industry, providing cover for almost every type of business. Call us on 0800 0815 027 for a quote today and speak to our experienced lorry insurance experts, who work closely with leading UK insurers to give you the best quotes. 


  • HGV insurance facilities with top UK insurers. 
  • Our policies cover vehicles with a gross weight between five and 44 tonnes. 
  • Truck fleet cover is available among many more additional policies. 
  • Get cover in the EU and EEA zones.  


What is HGV insurance?  

Heavy goods vehicle (HGV) insurance is a type of insurance policy specifically aimed at covering businesses that use trucks, lorries, and other commercial vehicles used to transport large goods from A to B.  

This type of commercial insurance is essential to protect the owner or operator of the vehicle from financial liability in the event of an accident or an incident that may result in damage to the vehicle or injury. 

All drivers operating a heavy goods vehicle for business purposes must have HGV insurance – including self-employed HGV drivers, smaller businesses, and companies working with a fleet. It’s a legal requirement, meaning that an operator may face legal consequences and significant financial losses in the event of an accident if they do not have the correct insurance cover. 

What are your weight limitations?  

Our heavy goods vehicle (HGV) insurance covers vehicles with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) from five tonnes up to 44 tonnes gross. Different cover levels will provide you with a fully comprehensive cover down to Third-Party-Only. 

What is the difference between a large goods vehicle (LGV) and an HGV? 

Often you will hear the terms LGV and HGV used interchangeably as large goods vehicles are very similar to an HGV.  

However, there are a few subtle differences between the two. While an HGV has a gross vehicle weight of more than 3.5 tons, an LGV is lighter, weighing more than 2.5 tons but less than 3.5 tons. 

You will need an operator’s licence, sometimes known as an O licence, to carry goods connected with any trade or business if your vehicle’s gross weight is more than 3.5 tonnes. Certain exemptions exist, so it’s best to check with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). 

There are three types of O licence: 

  • Restricted licences are for businesses in the UK that only carry their own goods, raw materials, and occasionally those from a subsidiary enterprise. 
  • Standard national licences are for enterprises who transport goods for hire and reward – even if this isn’t conducted regularly. As long as your vehicle remains in the UK, you can transport loaded trailers as part of an international journey to and from ports.   
  • Standard international licences are exactly the same as a typical standard licence, except this enables the transportation of goods in both the UK and international journeys in Europe. 
  • UK licences for the community can be requested after you’ve obtained a standard international licence. It will enable you to travel between EU countries, transit traffic through them, and allow cabotage within an EU member country. 

How does HGV insurance work, and what cover is available? 

Insurance policies and what they cover will differ depending on the following factors: 

  • The type of vehicle you drive.  
  • Nature of your business. 
  • Types of goods you carry. 
  • The location you operate within. 

Understanding what to expect from your insurance policy is vital, especially when the coverage concerns your livelihood. Here is a rundown of the three main types of cover you may see in your HGV insurance policy:  

Third-Party Only: This basic type of cover focuses on third-party damage to property. Third-Party Only does not have cover for glass damage, medical expenses, and personal accident. 

Third-party fire and theft: Along with basic Third-Party Only, you now have cover for damage to your vehicle in the event of fire and theft. Exclusions will still apply.  

Comprehensive cover: Included is everything above and more. Along with third-party, fire, and theft, your vehicle will be covered for accidental damage. 

Extra cover 

Alongside HGV insurance, the following extra cover may also be beneficial or an alternative policy for your business: 

Goods in transit: Covers physical goods while they are being transported. This can include coverage for damages or losses that may occur during shipping or in the event of an unexpected event such as theft. It is an optional product, and the level of cover will depend on the value of goods carried or a specific network you may carry for. 

Public & employers liability: Employers liability is a compulsory insurance which enables a business to meet the cost of compensation should injuries or illness occur due to their job.  

What types of goods will my policy allow me to carry? 

Most heavy goods vehicles are used for haulage or delivery services, but we understand that everybody’s needs are different. Our quote system will find the cheapest and most suitable HGV insurance premium available for your business requirements.  

Do you offer cover for lorries carrying hazardous goods? 

Typically, HGV insurance policies allow for the carriage of most goods except for hazardous items. Many insurers will not cover vehicles that carry hazardous goods such as fuel, chemical waste, and dangerous liquids.  

However, there will be a few insurers who are prepared to consider risks that involve the carriage of low-hazardous goods and even some specialist insurers who can provide cover specifically for drivers carrying potentially hazardous materials.  

If you need help with who to turn to about HGV insurance that offers low-risk and hazardous goods coverage, call us on 0800 0815 027. We’ll provide a suitable policy, and our friendly team will advise you on the appropriate cover for your business needs.  

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How much does HGV insurance cost? 

 Discover how much you can save on HGV insurance, and call us at  0800 0815 027 to get your quote today. Our team of insurance experts will guide you through every step to finding the correct cover for your heavy goods vehicle. 


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