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Sales By The Second

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Friday, 24 August 2018 GMT

Author: David McGrath

Revealed: How much money Ferrari, Ford, Porsche, and Mercedes make every second

  • New interactive asset reveals how much money 14 of the world’s richest auto brands make every second, minute, hour and day globally
  • Timer also reveals how many units each brand sells worldwide
  • Toyota makes £5,951 in revenue every single second, meaning it only takes two days for the brand to earn £1 billion
  • On average, one new Ferrari is sold per hour, worldwide
  • It takes Mercedes roughly 1.8 minutes to earn the average UK salary (£27,600)

In 2017, 79.02 million new cars sold globally – and sales are set to climb. In 2018, an increase of 3.6% is expected, with 81.5 million new cars predicted to be sold by the end of the year.

But which brand leads the way? Who generates the highest revenue per second, minute, and hour? And which car manufacturer turns over the biggest profit?

Motor trade insurers Staveley Head have produced a new interactive asset that reveals how much revenue and profit 14 of the world’s top automotive companies generate by the second.


*Figures rounded to the nearest pound. Exact figures in the tables below.

The data

As you land on the page, a clock starts ticking and the figures begin to tally up, comparing how Toyota, Mercedes, Ferrari, and other leading brands’ profits grow as the seconds pass.
Japanese manufacturer Toyota, which sold the most units worldwide in the past year, brings in around £5,951 in revenue every second – equating to £430.10 in profit.

In terms of revenue, Toyota is followed by Ford and Mercedes, which generate £3,475.17 and £2,619.70 every second, respectively.

However, Mercedes pockets more of a profit than American rival Ford – the German brand earns £254.71 in profit every second, compared to Ford’s £173.19.

When measuring this against the average UK annual salary, it takes Mercedes just 1.8 minutes to generate £27,600 in profit – it would take the average hardworking Brit a year to earn the same amount!

The below table reveals how much each car brand makes in revenue and profit every second:


In terms of luxury brands, Porsche leads the way in making the most revenue every minute, generating £38,992 every 60 seconds. Porsche is followed by Ferrari (£5,672) and Bentley (£3,059) as the high-end brands generating the most revenue per minute.

The below table reveals how many units each car brand sells each minute, and how much they make in revenue and profit:


Toyota sells an average of 17 units each minute, which generates £357,091 in revenue, equating to £25,806 in profit. Ford follows in terms of revenue (£208,510 per minute) trailed by Mercedes (£157,181 in revenue each minute). However, while Mercedes sells just 4 cars a minute worldwide, it generates a higher profit (£15,281) compared to Ford’s 12 cars/minute (£10,391 in profit).

On average, it takes an hour for luxury brands Bentley, Ferrari, and Aston Martin to sell a car worldwide.

Toyota sells a huge 1,024 units worldwide every hour, generating £21.4 million in revenue and £1.5 million in profit.

In just 24 hours, Toyota sells 24,577 cars worldwide, Ford sells 18,101, Porsche sells 675, and Ferrari sells 23 (on average). As each brand closes up for the day, some have made a huge £37 million+ in profit.

24-hour period, worldwide:


Ashley Peters, Managing Director of Staveley Head says:
“Next year will see further industry disruption with increased investment in electric car technology and the infrastructure to support them. There’ll also be additional government initiatives supporting the drives to create a low carbon economy and the banning of sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2040.

We may therefore see a shift in leadership, with brands like Renault, Nissan and Tesla having been early adopters in electric car technology development, along with Jaguar Landrover and BMW, which have significantly increased their R&D in this area.

The automotive market has seen a lot of change in recent years, but one thing is clear – they still make a lot of money. It’s interesting to see how much revenue and profit is made every second for each of these brands, especially when comparing everyday cars to luxury models.”

You can find the full creative here: https://www.staveleyhead.co.uk/assets/sales-by-the-second/


Notes to Editors

For a full breakdown of the data by second/minute/hour/day/year please refer to this Google doc.

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