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The Benefits Of Driving A Clean Van

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Monday, 04 September 2017 GMT

Author: David McGrath

Your van is like your home, it’s an extension of you, your personality and living space. It’s an important part of your daily life which, like your home, requires you to clean it on a regular basis to reduce wear and tear.

A recent study revealed that vehicle interiors are 2,144% dirtier than smartphones. That is a staggering statistic, so let’s take a look at the benefits of keeping your van clean.



Improve driving safety

You wouldn’t drive your van with ice or snow covering the windscreen, putting yourself and other road users at risk. So why drive a dirty van? Clean windscreens and windows can ensure you have good driving visibility to enable you to plan for any potential hazards. Other road users can benefit from clean wing mirrors, headlights and indicators as they’ll be able to see you better particularly of a night time.

Longer van life

Are you planning on keeping your van long-term or are you going to be selling it in the next couple of years? Regular cleaning will help to maintain its condition, reduce rust and save you money. It’ll also help retain your vans best valuation for when you do decide to sell it.

Reduces maintenance costs

It’s to be expected that your van will get dirty through bird droppings, dust and salt. What is avoidable is the damage that these can cause to your vans bodywork if they are left untouched over time. Dirt acts like sandpaper which when exposed to elements, will over time wear away your vans protective coating. Once the protection has worn away, weathering can cause your colour to fade. Washing your van once a week can reduce the likelihood of this happening.

Enhances your image

A clean van gives a good impression of you. If you use your van for work purposes it can convey to clients a professional image of cleanliness and order. A clean van can also make you feel good about yourself. So taking pride in keeping it clean is time well spent.

Lowers stress levels

Did you know that mess can cause stress? If your van is overcrowded with work documents, empty takeaway coffee cups and petrol receipts, it’s not going to make for a pretty sight. Keeping your documents in order and stored in the glove compartment can make it much easier to find the information you need quickly.

Removing any litter can prevent unwanted distractions and reduce any unnecessary anxiety. You’ll be able to find what you need and not have to rummage through litter which is taking up valuable space and adding unnecessary weight to your vans load.

Prevents illness

You can reduce the dirt and bacteria build up in your van by regularly hoovering and dusting your interior. Use anti-bacterial wipes to clean your steering wheel, handbrake and gearbox. This’ll reduce the spread of germs and keep your van smelling clean and fresh.

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