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Do you really need cover for that?

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Monday, 03 October 2016 GMT

Author: Staveley Head

As providers of both personal insurance and commercial insurance we were intrigued to hear about some of these crazy insurance policies.

Alien Abduction Insurance

If you are worried that one day you’ll be beamed up to space by an extra terrestrial then you are not alone! Over 30,000 policies have been bought from Lloyds of London protecting people from alien abduction.

Premium’s start from £100 but be warned making a claim can be difficult as you have to prove it. It’s no surprise that no claims have been filed.

Ghost Insurance


With ghost hunting growing increasingly popular it’s no surprise that people’s imaginations run away with them. But you could say that some people take it a step too far with ghost insurance.

There was one notable case when a British pub owner took out a policy to protect their customers from fatal injury caused by a ghost. The insurance policy would pay £1 million for death or disability caused by the spooky character.

Lottery Winners’ Insurance

No you’re not covered if you don’t win the lottery! The insurance is actually for employers whose employees are part of a syndicate.

Imagine 5 or 10 of your employees winning the lottery and leaving you high and dry, what would you do? Well, for a small company this could break your business so insuring yourself means you are prepared.

Coconuts Insurance


Falling coconuts are a real issue, killing on average 150 people per year. You are more likely to be killed by coconut than you are by shark so instead of staying away from coconut trees take out insurance and protect yourself!

In 1984 a UK travel company insured guests against the issue. Soon after a guest staying in Sri-Lanka was knocked on the head by a coconut, whilst they were not killed they did receive a payout.

Fantasy Sports Insurance

What do you do if your star player gets injured? Claim off your insurance of course. Yes, this actually happens, in America. Who is behind such insurance? It’s obviously Lloyds of London, who seem to do a lot in unique insurance.

Change of Heart

If you think they might do a runner insure yourself. Although money won’t fix your broken heart (counselling is an optional extra) at least you know you’re financially secure. Just beware if you’re jilted this is excluded from the policy!

Werewolf/Vampire/Zombie Attack

Been watching too many movies? Scared of a zombie apocalypse? Then you’ll need insurance in case this actually happens. If you choose to take this cover then you won’t be alone in fact you’ll be joining the other 60,000 people who have the policy.

Please be aware that we do not offer any of the products offered in this blog. We do provide a variety of personal insurance and commercial insurance products for your everyday needs.

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