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A Day In The Life Of A HGV Driver

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Friday, 08 December 2017 GMT

Author: David McGrath

When driving on today’s roads, you’re likely to pass plenty of HGV lorries. In fact, at any one time, Britain’s roads are abundant with thousands of lorries driving across the country, delivering goods around the clock.

Many believe the life of a HGV driver consists of unsociable hours and endless journeys. However, as providers of HGV insurance, we understand that there is a lot more behind the scenes activity that goes into their day to day life.


How does a typical day begin for a HGV driver?

Each new shift begins with an overall check of the lorry. Regardless of where the HGV is, these checks are mandatory and must be completed to ensure the lorry is safe before setting off. Checks include:

  • Tyre pressure
  • Engine checks to ensure all fluid is topped up
  • Ensuring there is no visible damage to the HGV

Once all the safety checks are completed and lorry is deemed in good working order, then loading will begin. Loading the lorry may occur at any time during a HGV driver’s day, it could be at the start or throughout the shift.

What types of cargo can a HGV driver carry?

A HGV driver could be transporting anything from food for supermarkets to fuel for petrol stations. It’s the responsibility of the driver to load and unload the lorry as efficiently and safely as possible. All drivers receive extensive training on how to load and unload heavy objects safely without causing injury. Once these jobs are completed and upon receiving paperwork and schedule for the day the journey will begin.

How many hours on average do HGV drivers work?

It’s suggested an average day for a HGV driver can last between 9-15 hours. Although EU law prohibits drivers from driving longer than 9 hours per day with mandatory 45 minute breaks every 4.5 hours. It’s this part of the job that many drivers enjoy the most, the freedom to manage their own day, provided they arrive at their destination on time.

Motorway driving

The majority of driving takes place on the motorway. Depending on the time of day and weather conditions, this can have a big impact on how timely each journey is completed. The worst-case scenario is breaking down and having to call a breakdown provider as this can greatly impact on a driver’s delivery times.

The benefits of being a HGV driver

A HGV driver gets to travel to new destinations and meet new people, so no day is the same. Working alone can be a quiet and relaxing experience especially if the driver enjoys their own company. Listening to any music playlist, this can be particularly handy for drivers that are music lovers and own a big collection. Break times can be a great opportunity to unwind and read a book or magazine/newspaper. All in all, being a HGV driver can be a demanding job but it can also be made a personable experience.

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