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Insuring taxis and multi-purpose vehicles

Are you looking to insure a large taxi vehicle such as an MPV? Find out what information is required for a quote and the optional extra cover available.
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Whether it’s on a school run, transporting holidaymakers to the airport or taking groups of party-goers into town, large taxi vehicles such as MPVs have a wide range of uses.

At Staveley Head, we strive to achieve the right insurance at the right price for our customers, whilst offering a reliable and professional service. 

The information required to provide a quote

So that we can provide you with a hire and reward quote for your MPV, we require the following information about your vehicle:

  • The type of vehicle
  • The number of seats – passenger numbers should never exceed the number of seats stated in the policy
  • The market value
  • The age
  • The gross weight
  • Whether it has been modified to enhance performance 

Optional Extras

As all insurance needs are different there are a couple of optional extras you may consider:

  • Breakdown cover – Most breakdown cover will include roadside recovery and roadside rescue, this will assist drivers who have broken down and are not able to carry on with their journey.
  • Excess protection – Excess protection insurance provides you with an opportunity to safeguard yourself against the cost of your insurance excess, should you need to make a claim as a result of a fault accident.
  • Liability insurance – depending upon which liability insurance you have, you will be covered, if you, whilst carrying out your work, injure a member of the public or an employee. Liability insurance can also protect you should you cause accidental damage whilst carrying out your work.

Why Staveley Head?

Our specialist taxi insurance team are on hand to make sure that you’re getting the best possible cover for your needs at the most competitive prices.

Why not call us on 0333 370 7777 to find out more about our products, or use our online quote system to compare taxi insurance rates in minutes.

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