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Life Hacks for Happy Motorhomes

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Wednesday, 11 September 2019 GMT

Author: Staveley Head


Owning a motorhome gives you the freedom to take a little piece of home with you wherever you travel. They also have the added benefit of having a kitchen, bathroom bedroom and lounge area too! However, as a motorhome owner, you’ll know it can be a struggle to fit everything in when you’re going on a trip leaving you wanting slightly more room.

Some motorhomes have hidden compartments with a place for almost everything, but sometimes a simple space-saving hack can make your motorhome seem much bigger and save you a tonne of room.

This is where we come in, as one of the leading providers of motorhome insurance, we’ve put together this handy guide to make your life easier.

Food Prep

A good habit to get into when travelling in your motorhome is to prepare food items before you leave. You can save loads of room by preparing your pancake mix and scrambled egg mix ready for your holiday.

Instant Pancake Mix
For pancakes, measure out all the dry ingredients and place them into an old ketchup bottle and voila! You have an instant pancake mix! Just add eggs and milk, give it a shake and then you’re good to go.

Instant Scrambled Egg Mix
For easy scrambled egg, simply crack eggs into a bowl, whisk thoroughly and then pour the eggs into an empty water bottle using a funnel to avoid any mess. Now you can have delicious scrambled eggs every morning without all the mess.

DIY Drink Lid
On a hot day use scissors to pierce a small hole into cake cases or cling film, then add a straw and you have the perfect lid for any cup, plus it will keep any bugs out of your drinks. If children are helping out, then they should be supervised when using the scissors.

Portable BBQ
If you want to avoid mess and don’t have the room to be cooking in the kitchen, then a decent portable BBQ is a worthwhile investment. Not only is it easy to pack away, but it also makes food taste amazing.

TicTac Spice Boxes
Instead of lugging around heavy glass spice shakers, which can take up more room than you think, put your favourite spices into empty Tic Tac containers! The shape of the box makes them easy to store and the lid makes it easy to add spices to any food.

Stay Warm In Cold Weather

Waterproof Your Shoes
If you’re trying to save space then cutting down on how many shoes you take is important, but it’s also important that the shoes you decide to take can stand up to all conditions. To avoid getting wet feet, invest in some water repellent shoe spray. Not only does it keep your feet dry, but it also keeps them clean.

Winter Insulation
In the event of cold weather, bubble wrap can be surprisingly useful! You can use it to insulate your motorhome by applying it to the windows. Simply fill a spray bottle with water, spray the window and then apply the bubble wrap. The other bonus is that its great fun to sit and pop all the air bubbles for kids.



Safety Measures

Travelling somewhere new can be a little daunting, so ensure you take some extra steps to stay safe, here’s a few ideas:

Duct Tape
come in handy for many things! You can use it to make quick repairs or even as a makeshift cup holder.

White Board
Write the campsite name and address on a white board in case of an emergency, then you will remember where you are. You can also use it create a to-do list when packing up or for shopping when you arrive.

Travel Forums
When travelling to a new area or country, TripAdvisor can be extremely useful. By looking in the forums you can find out all the secret tips from seasoned travellers and avoid making any costly mistakes. You can also use TripAdvisor to ask questions and get advice on any concerns you may have, like the best shop to buy food or where the nearest hospital is.

Light Up Your Pitch At Night

There are a variety of useful lights you can buy, but why not recycle?

Tea Light Lanterns
If you have any empty jars laying around, place some electric tea lights inside for an easy but pretty lantern. Don’t have tea lights? You can pick up some Christmas tree lights that are battery powered and place these inside too!

Glow In The Dark Lanterns
If you paint the inside of an empty jar with glow in the dark paint, it becomes a handy night light which doesn’t need batteries.

DIY Lantern
If you strap a headlamp to a plastic milk bottle filled with water then it instantly creates a handy lantern which will easily light up an entire room!



Space-Saving Hacks

Make the most of the space in your motorhome with these creative and easy hacks.

Creat A Soap Pouch
just sew a flannel around a bar of soap, this way you won’t lose your soap and it’s much easier to hold.

Store Things In The Oven
when you’re travelling you can make use of the ample space available inside the oven. Just remember to take everything out when you arrive to prevent any fires.

Drying Clothes
Using the shower area to dry clothes is a great tip, this way you will keep the damp out of the main living space and can also help to keep clothes clean.

Shoe Holder Hacks
A shoe holder can be used to save loads of space and better organise your motorhome. It can be used in the bathroom to hold toiletries or cut it into sections and tie it up to store shoes at the entrance to your motorhome to avoid tracking in mud all over your lovely interior.

There are so many ways to make space in your motorhome, all you have to do is think outside the box and be a little creative.

If you have any motorhome hacks then share your ideas with us on Facebook and Twitter, or if you have any motorhome pictures, tag us on Instagram.

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