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Things Only Motorhome Owners Will Understand

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Friday, 07 June 2019 GMT

Author: Peter Cresswell

For people who have a passion for travel and exploring new places, being one of 255,000 motorhome owners in the UK is a dream come true.

As leading providers of motorhome insurance, we take a look at the unique benefits that only motorhome owners will understand.


1. Freedom to travel anywhere

There’s no doubt that the number one perk of owning a motorhome is the flexibility to travel all over the world. Whilst still having everything you need and love inside your home from home. You don’t need to spend time booking holidays, catching flights and then getting to your hotel to find it’s not as nice as you’d hoped. Because when you own a motorhome, you have everything you need, and you know exactly where you’re going to be sleeping.

Just make sure you have travel insurance for all those trips! At Staveley Head, we cover all pre-existing medical conditions and offer single or multi-trip policies with 24-hours medical emergency assistance to give you extra peace of mind on your travels.

2. Last minute holidays

By far the most enviable benefit of having your own house on wheels is being able to up and leave for a quick holiday at the drop of a hat! Living in the UK with its unpredictable weather we’re never guaranteed lots of sunshine but when you own a motorhome, you can literally finish work on a Friday and then head out on holiday for the weekend abroad if there’s a sudden heatwave or within the UK if the weather forecast is good.

3. Packing is easier

Once you’ve got all the motorhome essentials, packing is super easy when you own a motorhome as they have fantastic storage which allows you to simply leave everything in the vehicle ready for the next time you want to take a holiday. All you need to do is grab some clothes, food and you’re on your way.

4. There’s no towing involved

Many people who have switched from caravans to motorhomes did so because towing a caravan can be difficult and stressful because you now require a specific licence, a suitable car to tow (which can become expensive) and reversing the caravan into a pitch is a fine art which takes years to master. Motorhomes, on the other hand, are extremely pleasant to drive. They’re comfortable and there’s no towing involved which makes long trips abroad much easier.


5. Bring your pet

There’s nothing worse than leaving your beloved 4-legged friend in the kennels or the cattery whilst you swan off on a luxury holiday, not to mention the extortionate costs. Motorhome owners can easily avoid this by bringing your pet with you, hooray! If you’re looking for pet holidays, then check out our top 5 dog-friendly holidays.

6. Lunch on the road

There’s always a time when you need a service station to go to the toilet or grab coffee/food but there doesn’t seem to be one for miles. Instead of stopping off at expensive service stations or McDonald’s, you can simply park up off the motorway when it is safe to do so, stick the cooker on and enjoy a nice hearty lunch before continuing your long journey.

7. Meeting new people

By travelling all over the world you get to meet new people with amazing stories and the motorhome community is very close-knit. This is amazing especially if you have kids because they’re able to see and experience different cultures, giving them a childhood unlike any other.

8. Visiting festivals / events in comfort

Motorhome owners can spend the whole day at a festival like Glastonbury or Reading/Leeds festival then retreat to their lovely warm and dry motorhome to take a shower and have a comfortable night’s sleep in a proper bed. You can wake up in the morning and cook yourself a full English and prepare for another amazing day at the festival! No more queuing for hours in the morning to go to the toilet or get a shower like those camping in tents. Check out the other fantastic benefits of taking your motorhome to a music festival in our blog Why take your motorhome to a music festival.

9. Budgeting is easier

It’s much easier to budget if you own a motorhome as you can easily cook a delicious healthy meal instead of going out to restaurants every evening. You can also bring all the food from your home with you on holiday which will save even more money. That doesn’t mean you have to cook every night though if you fancy a takeaway you can get one delivered to your door. Just like home.

10. Focusing on simple pleasures

Because you’re short on space, you know how untidy a motorhome can get in a short space of time. This makes you a lot less likely to go on a holiday shopping spree or pack huge suitcases to travel with. A motorhome lifestyle forces you to enjoy the simpler things in life – that means you’ll focus on having experiences such as going to the beach or visiting historic sites rather than buying lots of things.


11. Taking in the scenery

In a motorhome, you aren’t bound to a hotel’s location. You have the freedom to see and explore everywhere. So, make the most of it and enjoy the mornings – there’s no feeling like opening your motorhome and taking in the scenery of the Scottish valleys or the exquisite views from Clachtoll beach while enjoying a morning coffee. Get some photos on your phone or digital camera to keep in a scrapbook of all the beautifully amazing places you’ve been.

Do you own a motorhome? What do you love the most about your home on wheels? Share your thoughts with us now on Facebook and Twitter.

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