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Spooky places to visit this Halloween

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Tuesday, 24 October 2017 GMT

Author: Jack Chapman

The nights are drawing in and Halloween is fast approaching, the spookiest time of year is upon us! We’re getting in the spirit of the season and taking a look at some of Britain’s eeriest locations.

We have also located campsites nearby using the Campsite Finder, so once you’ve finished a ghoulish day/evening out you can escape to the safety and comfort of a brilliant campsite.

Are you brave enough to visit these haunted places?

Pendle Hill



Pendle Hill is home to possibly the most well-known witch trial in English History. A dozen people who lived near the hill were accused of witchcraft and murder in 1612 after the mysterious deaths of locals. The milk in the area was also said to have turned sour and cattle died mysteriously too. Ten of the witches were put on trial and hanged at Lancaster Castle, one died in jail and one was found not guilty.

The Pendle Witches are still said to haunt the hill and surrounding villages and it has been noted that visitors have felt a sense of anger when visiting the grounds.

Every Halloween people climb to the summit of the hill wanting to experience the supernatural. There is also the Witches Trail, which goes through Newchurch (and St Mary’s Church, where the witches are believed to be buried), the neighbouring village of Roughlee and the hamlet of Barley.

In 2011 a real-life witches’ cottage was uncovered, with the bones of a cat found bricked into the walls…creepy.

Where to stay?

After being scared silly at Pendle Hill, why not travel to Catgill Campsite? It’s about 24 miles away, near Bolton Abbey. This campsite is great for families and the perfect location for long country walks. It has an onsite shop and dogs are welcome too!

Pluckley Village



There’s more eerie goings on in the village of Pluckley, near Ashford, which was named as Britain’s ‘most haunted village’ and is home to more spooks than you can wave an Ouija board at.

It is said that there are between 12-16 apparitions present around the village, including; the phantom of a headmaster that can be found walking the grounds, in St Nicholas’s Church a flickering light can sometimes be seen and knocking can be heard. This is believed to be Lady Dearing, legend says she was buried in three lead coffins to try and prevent her decay.

There is also the Screaming Woods, where the blood-curdling cries of those who have met their end after becoming lost in the woods can be heard. The apparition of a dying highwayman has also been reported in what is now known as Fright Corner.

People have also reported spirits (and not just those in the optics) in the Black Horse. Visitors have claimed an invisible phantom moves glasses on the bar and purses and items of clothing have gone missing.

Where to stay

New Beach Holiday Park is a 34-minute drive from Pluckley and is near the town of Dymchurch. It has a fantastic indoor heated pool; Loopy Club and adventure play area and are in a perfect location to explore the rest of Kent.

Cannock Chase



Cannock Chase is a popular location for mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts due to its stunning location in the West Midlands countryside. It’s also popular with ghost hunters and paranormal investigators and is known as one of the most haunted places in the UK.

This is because Cannock Chase is home to a variety of ghosts and ghouls including the famous black-eyed girl. Who is described as being short with dark black coal pits for eyes and her head tilted at an unnatural angle.

The Chase is also said to play host to werewolves, with numerous sightings and stories of missing pets, especially around the German War cemetery area.
UFO sightings are also common around the Cannock Chase area. In 1964 where it is reported that part of the wreckage of a UFO landed in Penkridge and eyewitness claim seeing a mysterious craft being loaded onto an aircraft transporter.

Where to stay?

Somers Wood Caravan Park is an adult’s only campsite (perfect to give you a break from the little angels/monkeys/monsters). It has 5-star facilities (perfect to help relax after a day’s ghostbusting) and is part of the ancient Forest of Arden. There’s plenty of good pubs and villages within walking distance, yet it is close enough to Birmingham and Coventry if you fancy a day/night out.




As haunted locations go, Edinburgh is up there with the best! It has a spooky castle and a creepy graveyard, amongst other supernatural hotspots. Does it get more eerie than that?!

Edinburgh castle is the site of hundreds of grizzly battles over the centuries, so it’s no surprise that there are tales of ghostly goings on. Tourists have reported encountering the apparitions of prisoners in the castle dungeons, changes of temperature and disembodied footsteps. There have also been sightings of more musical spectres, such as a headless drummer and a phantom piper.

Of all the paranormal places in the city, Niddry Street vaults are the most popular, with an unheard of amount of paranormal activity.

The vaults were initially intended to house taverns and cobblers amongst other businesses during the 18th century. However, by 1795 things started to go wrong the businesses left the vaults due to flooding. Soon after the city’s poor began to move in, robbery and murder were rife. It is even said that the infamous Burke & Hare used to frequent the vaults, hunting for victims. A man by the name of The Watcher is said to wander the labyrinth and people have claimed to have heard hushed whispers, crying and footsteps, as well as having items thrown at them.

Where to stay?

Seton Sands Holiday Park is only thirty minutes from Edinburgh making it a great location to escape to after a terrifying evening in the town. The campsite is less than a mile away from the beach, although you might not need it with an indoor swimming pool onsite. Why not take advantage of the kids club where they can enjoy fun and games all day whilst the adults relax in the cafe and bar.

To find even more fantastic campsites, why not take a look at our Campsite Finder.

Have you experienced any haunted happenings at these supernatural hotspots? Or can you recommend any others? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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