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Top Tips when Buying a Horsebox

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Friday, 01 July 2016 GMT

Author: Staveley Head

If you’re looking to buy a horsebox it is likely you have a show or competition coming up. Whether on your doorstep or hours away your horse will need transportation. But it’s not just about your first journey, a horsebox is an investment therefore you must consider future events. It is important to choose a horsebox that is right for you; here are our top tips for finding your perfect horsebox.

Parked Horsebox

Image source: Manhattan Research Inc on Flickr

Planning Ahead

Consider the age and breed of your horse because it grows!

If your horse is fully grown this is obviously less of an issue but buying a horsebox for a young foal has much more uncertainty.  Think about the breed, current size and weight, and strength.

Horse and Foal

Image source: smerikal on Flickr

Where are you going? Right now you may only be taking short journeys but where do you want to go in the future? You must make sure your horsebox can go the distance so make sure you do the necessary checks.

Making the Necessary Checks

The checks you make can differ depending on whether you’re buying new or used.

Buying new should mean your horsebox is fully intact with no rotting or erosion however buying second-hand is a different story. There are certain checks that should be done:

Ramp – generally ramps are made from plywood and a non-slip surface, both of which rot and may need replacing. Be sure to test the ramp and not just look at it!

Floor – there are usually two parts to the horse area flooring and its important both layers are strong (to hold the weight of the horse) and sturdy (so it doesn’t move when travelling). Be sure to lift the top layer of rubber to check the condition of both layers. Also walk on the floor and don’t worry about being heavy footed because your horse will be much heavier.

Brakes – just like when you buy a car, a horsebox can have brakes too so check them by taking the horsebox for a test drive. Newer horseboxes use hydraulic brakes which use a fluid reservoir so remember to check this.

Horse Chassis – check for corrosion, if you want your horsebox to last for a long time it is important the chassis is in full working order.

Tack Locker

Perhaps the most important question here is ‘how big is it?’

The tack locker is where you’ll store all of your equipment including clothing and saddle. If the tack locker is not large enough you risk being unprepared for events and competition, which can cost you!

What Do You Want?

You most probably want a horsebox to travel to and from shows, competitions and events which can sometimes last for days. So it’s not just a case of finding what you need but also what you want. Essentially all you need is a tack locker, horse area and cab. But a horsebox equipped with toilet, fridge, hob and heating could come in handy.

It’s not just a case of finding what you need but also what you want.

Think about the size of the cab – who will you be taking to shows? If you want to accommodate the whole family then you’ll need a big cab with plenty of room.

What you want could even be as simple as room for a TV and DVD player. Just remember horses aren’t interested in technology, so before you go dreaming of a pimped out horsebox keep in mind the most important thing – safety and security.

The Safety & Security of your Horse

Arrive safely or there’ll be no trophy, no medal or no money!

Arriving safely to a competition only to find out your horse has been injured in transit means the end of the competition – no trophy, medal or money! What a wasted journey. Checking for sharp edges and ensuring there’s ample wall padding can prevent this, ensuring your horse is ready to show off their skills.

There you go, some top tips to consider when searching for your perfect horsebox. Now you’re ready to go but before you drive away don’t forget your horsebox insurance.

Any tips to add? Share them with us on Facebook and Twitter; we’re waiting to hear from you.


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