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Classic Car Insurance 

We understand that your classic car is a little bit special. Whether you’re searching for classic car insurance for a sporty E-type Jaguar from the swinging sixties or a luxurious eighties BMW, we’ll find the perfect policy for your car. 

With more than 20 years of experience in specialist motor insurance, we’re proud of our knowledge of the classic car market and the advice we can provide to the enthusiasts who drive them. Call us on 0800 0815 034 to get a classic car insurance quote today and find out more about the policies available. 

What is classic car insurance? 

Classic car insurance is specifically designed for classic and vintage vehicles. It typically offers coverage for vehicles that are not driven as primary transportation. They’re often rare models with a high value and capture the essence of their decade with their aesthetic.  

Why do I need classic car insurance instead of regular insurance? 

Classic cars aren’t often used as primary vehicles due to their age and value. Both maintenance and repairs for classic models can be pricey due to the unique techniques in the manufacturing process and the specialist parts required. 

Along with the traditional Third-Party-Only, Third-Party, fire and theft, and comprehensive coverage options available, some insurers may include coverage options such as agreed value and spare parts coverage.  

Does this policy include breakdown cover? 

No, your classic car insurance policy will not include breakdown cover as standard, but we can offer it as an optional extra depending on the age of your vehicle.  

Extra cover 

Other customers who took out classic car insurance through us also found these optional extras handy: 

Breakdown Cover 

Get extra protection with cover from our breakdown insurance for peace of mind on the road. 

Excess Protection 

Excess protection will cover the cost of your excess payment if you need to make a claim. This could allow you to increase your excess and potentially reduce the initial cost of your premium. 

How old does a car have to be to qualify for classic car insurance? 

A classic car is a vehicle that is a minimum of 15 to 20 years old and is considered to be of significant historical or cultural value.  

The three main types of classic car groups are: 

Classic cars: Rarer models manufactured in the early 2000s or earlier are classic cars. Since cars from the early 2000s have been included within this category, the lines between modern and classic can get a bit blurred. However, models such as the MINI Hatch, Jaguar XK, and even the Fiat Panda 100HP (due to its’ rarity) can sit under this umbrella. 

Vintage cars: These models usually originate from the early 20th century, around 1919, up until the early 1930s. Vintage cars have usually been restored with great care to match the original specifications. 

Antique cars: Antiques are usually over 45 years old and often created in the sixties and seventies. Like vintage cars, they are generally restored to mimic the original specifications as much as possible. 

We always try to be flexible but typically a classic car would need to be more than 15 years old to be included in this cover. 

Does my car need to be worth over a certain amount to be covered by this policy? 

We can provide a quote for classic cars of any value, so even if you don’t own a 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa we can still help you find a classic car policy. 

Are classic cars often cheaper to keep than modern models? 

For some, it can be cheaper to insure a classic car model, but this isn’t strictly due to the actual car being a classic.  

Classic car owners and enthusiasts are usually older drivers with more experience who go to great lengths to care for and store their cars appropriately. They drive them less frequently as this isn’t their main vehicle to get them from A to B.  

Additionally, cars over 40 years old won’t need an MOT  if there have been no substantial changes to the vehicle in the last 30 years. If your car was created before 21 December 1977, you can apply for it to be exempt from vehicle tax. 

Do you insure on an agreed-value basis?  

Some insurers will insure on an agreed-value basis with the set ‘agreed value’ outlined on the policy schedule. 

Agreed-value classic car insurance determines the value of your classic car upfront and guarantees that the insured will receive the agreed-upon value in the event of a total loss. This can ensure that you receive back the value of a car in the event of a loss, rather than receiving a sum based on the different price it is worth at the time of loss. 

 It is essential to always inform the insurer if you believe the value of the vehicle changes to a different amount on your policy during the course of your coverage due to restoration, modification, and market changes. Your insurer may ask for evidence to back up this information in order to adequately insure your classic car. 

How can I reduce the cost of my classic car insurance? 

Here are our tips that may help you to lower the cost of your classic car insurance: 

Try not to modify your classic car too much. We know sometimes it can be hard to resist customising your pride and joy, but any changes that can increase its engine power and the risk of theft may affect your insurance costs. 

Find a classic car club and join it. Not only will joining an owners club ensure you can meet other classic car connoisseurs, but it may make your insurer view you as a more responsible car owner. Classic car club members are passionate about maintaining their cars and usually take great care of their vehicles. 

Keep your car secure. Avoid parking it on the drive and, instead, increase your security by locking your car in your garage. This extra protection will make it much harder for potential thieves to steal.  

Make sure your mileage is minimum. We’re certain that your classic car won’t be your main mode of transport anyway for the commute to work or a trip to the shops. However, keep an eye on the mileage as being mindful to keep it to a minimum could help you to save money, 

How much is classic car insurance? 

With us, classic car insurance doesn’t have to mean you find an expensive policy. We can provide a range of options to guide you through the process and help you choose the cover you want for the car you love and at the price you want – fast. Call us on 0800 0815 034 and get a quote minutes from our helpful team of insurance experts. 

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