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Motorhome Insurance

Staveley Head is a specialist broker for campervan and motorhome insurance. From RVs to conversions, you can get tailored cover for a broad range of vehicles and add optional extras like breakdown cover and travel insurance.

With over 30 years of industry experience, we work with the UK’s leading motorhome insurance companies to secure you the right cover at the best price. You can get motorhome club member discounts plus 24-hour support from our UK-based claims team if you need it.

It’s easy to get a quote and arrange your cover online or over the phone. Get a cheap motorhome insurance quote today.


Like car insurance, a motorhome insurance policy can cover your vehicle for everything from damage in accidents to fire and theft. But it’s a more specialist option because of the different ways you might use a motorhome – for sleeping and cooking, for example.

Having basic motorhome insurance is a legal requirement unless you’ve officially declared it off the road – although even then you might want to protect it against theft and other risks. Comprehensive motorhome insurance, meanwhile, can protect pricey contents like camping gear too, while handy extras include motorhome breakdown cover and travel insurance.


  • We’ve been a specialist vehicle insurance broker for over 30 years.
  • We work with some of the UK’s best motorhome insurance companies.
  • Cover available for American motorhomes, RVs and left-hand drive models up to a maximum gross weight of 7.5 tonnes.
  • Our new-for-old cover can get you a new model if you need a replacement.
  • No claims discount available for cheaper motorhome insurance.
  • Camping and Caravanning Club and Caravan and Motorhome Club insurance discounts available.
  • Up to 365 days of European cover for your trips abroad.
  • Our 24-hour, UK-based claims team are here if you need them.
  • You can get a bespoke motorhome insurance online quote in minutes.


We have several optional extra motorhome insurance products to give you extra peace of mind on the road when you need it.


Motorhome breakdown cover is the perfect complement to an insurance policy. It includes national roadside and local recovery, helping alleviate some of the stress of breakdowns. We can even cover your vehicle across Europe to keep your family holiday moving.

Find out more about our motorhome breakdown insurance.


Motorhome breakdown cover is the perfect complement to an insurance policy. It includes national roadside and local recovery, helping alleviate some of the stress of breakdowns. We can even cover your vehicle across Europe to keep your family holiday moving.

Find out more about our motorhome travel insurance.


This extra covers your agreed excess payment in the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim. Excess protection can come as a particular relief if you weren’t to blame – for example, if an unidentified third party damages your motorhome.


If you get into an accident that wasn’t your fault with a traceable third party, legal expenses cover will protect you for up to £100,000 in legal costs. This could allow you to recover uninsured losses such as loss of earnings, excess payments and out of pocket expenses


You can insure your motorhome for 12 months from as little as £168.00*, plus fees. In truth, all motorhome insurance is bespoke and based on factors like:

  • Your vehicle value, size, age and type.
  • Your age, driving experience and history, including past convictions.
  • Your annual motorhome mileage – lower mileage means less chance of accidents.
  • Whether you have a no claims discount (earned on a motorhome)
  • How you use your vehicle – for example, for daily driving and commuting, business or leisure.
  • How secure it is, both in terms of vehicle features and where you store it.
  • The level of cover you need plus optional extras.
  • Whether you pay your premium annually or monthly.

Get a tailored motorhome insurance quote for an accurate idea of what your cover will cost.


Here are our top tips for accessing cheaper motorhome insurance rates:

  • Pay annually: Monthly payments usually work out more expensive overall as they can incur interest. But paying monthly still might be more manageable if you don’t have the money available to pay in full.
  • Improve your vehicle security: Devices like alarms and wheel clamps can drive down the cost of your premium, though they aren’t free to fit. Storing your motorhome in a garage, behind locked gates or on a secure site is also better than on-street parking.
  • Take advantage of discounts: As well as building up a no claims discount, becoming a member of a camping club can knock money off your premium. We offer discounts for Camping and Caravanning Club and Caravan and Motorhome Club members.
  • Check what you need: Make sure you aren’t paying for cover you don’t need. Some out-of-home contents insurance policies cover possessions like cameras, while you may already have appropriate breakdown cover with a car.
  • Shop around each year: Compare motorhome insurance companies with a specialist broker like us to find the best deal. Getting a new quote each year is usually cheaper than automatically renewing
  • Increase your voluntary excess: Boosting the amount you’re willing to pay towards a claim is a simple way to reduce your premium. Just remember you’ll need to be able to pay it if you do have to make a claim.
  • Go specialist: If you need self-conversion motorhome insurance or converted campervan insurance, for example, a specialist insurer might be able to do it for less than firms catering to more conventional vehicles.
  • Get qualified: Advanced driving qualifications, especially motorhome-specific courses, can help show you’re a safe and experienced driver.

Bear in mind the best motorhome insurance for you might not always be the cheapest, though. Sometimes a higher level of cover is worth it for the peace of mind. Some extra features could end up saving you money if something goes wrong too.

Giving false information about your vehicle or driving history to save money could also end up reducing a payout or voiding your policy. Rest assured that as an experienced specialist motorhome insurance broker, we’ll work to get you the right cover at the best price.


The motorhome and campervan market is diverse, and so is our cover:

  • A-class motorhome insurance: At the luxury end of the market with large living and sleeping areas, these vehicles are ideal for families that want extra comfort.
  • American-style RV motorhome insurance: They are typically the biggest of all motorhome types and come spacious and well equipped.
  • Low-profile coach-built motorhome insurance: These offer fantastic accommodation, usually fitted with washrooms that are complete with fitted showers. The newer models tend to come with drop-down beds.
  • Overcab bed motorhome insurance: Easily identified by the overcab moulding. They provide extra beds and storage, making them popular with families for their practicality.
  • Large van conversion insurance: Known as ‘panel van’ conversions, they allow more room to fit a good-sized washroom and kitchen.
  • Tag axle motorhome insurance: This type can be coach-built or A-class vehicles that are fitted with a third wheel on each side because they are bigger and longer. The benefit of a larger size means inside fittings can be more generous.
  • Campervan insurance: Campervans tend to be smaller than motorhomes and fitted with basic sleeping and cooking facilities. From Japanese imports to classic campervans, we can help. Find out more about our campervan insurance.
  • Professionally converted and self-conversion motorhome insurance: Build and conversion projects offer freedom and savings for experienced engineers. We provide cover for professional and self-conversion projects on almost any vehicle base, subject to an engineer’s report.


Why waste time calling multiple companies when you could be on the road? As a specialist broker, we can help you compare motorhome insurance rates in minutes with just a few key bits of information including:

  • Your age and occupation, if you’re employed.
  • Your driving licence check code or a photocopy of an old-style licence.
  • A signed mileage declaration attached to a statement of fact.
  • Any incidents you’ve been involved with in the past five years, even if no claim was made.
  • Any driving convictions within the last five years.
  • Vehicle details including its make, model, body type, year of manufacture, value and gross weight (kg).
  • The type of cover you need and any extras.
  • Proof of your no claims discount, if you have one.
  • Proof of your Caravan and Motorhome Club or Camping and Caravanning Club membership, if you have one.
  • Evidence of any security features e.g. a Thatcham fitted alarm.
  • Names and details of any additional drivers you want to include on your policy.
  • A vehicle inspection report for self-builds.

Ready to get covered? Email personal@staveleyhead.co.uk for a quote or call 0800 0815 024 from 9am – 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. If you have any questions about our cover, our team will be happy to help.



Do I need motorhome insurance?

It’s a legal requirement that all vehicles used on the road are insured to protect both your vehicle and others. A motorhome policy also protects an increased amount of personal belongings compared to the average car policy, giving you extra peace of mind.

Can I drive a motorhome on my car insurance?

Generally, no. You need specialist cover for your motorhome as you’ll use it in different ways to a car, so the risks are different too.

How long will it take to receive my documents?

Not long at all. Once we’ve got any necessary documents from you, we’ll send your insurance certificate.

Do you offer any discounts?

As well as no claims discounts, we may be able to offer discounted rates if you have increased security by fitting an approved alarm, immobiliser or tracking device. Being a member of a motorhome club, having secure storage and fitting a reversing camera can also help reduce your insurance premium.

What’s the difference between caravan and motorhome insurance?

The key difference between motorhome and caravan insurance is that you don’t legally need caravan insurance. Motorhome insurance is a necessity as it’s classed as a vehicle used on the road, although caravan insurance is still worth having as you never know what might happen.

What’s the difference between motorhome and campervan insurance?

The main difference is in size. Motorhomes tend to be bigger than campervans and have more permanent fixtures like sinks and cupboards, which can make a difference to the price of insuring them. Some campervans can also be covered by car or van insurance, whereas motorhomes legally require a separate policy.

Either way, we can help confirm your vehicle classification and get you the right cover.

Do you offer temporary motorhome cover?

We don’t currently offer temporary motorhome insurance, but check back in the future. If you already have a policy with us, you can add a temporary additional driver for a maximum of 28 days. Restrictions to this are:

  • They must be aged between 25 and 75 years old.
  • They must have held a full UK driving licence for a minimum of 2 years.
  • They must be a full UK resident for a minimum of 5 years.
  • You must make us aware of any claims and convictions before the driver is added to the policy.

Should I have a tracker or immobiliser?

A tracker or immobiliser can provide your motorhome with extra security, which could earn you a cheaper insurance premium unless fitment is compulsory due to the value of your vehicle.

A Pro-Active GPS is a minimum for tracking devices. If an immobiliser is fitted, it must fall under Thatcham category 1 or 2.

How can I find out what tracker or immobiliser my motorhome is equipped with?

You can speak to the vehicle manufacturer or refer to the vehicle handbook if the security item is factory fitted. Fitting an immobiliser or tracker aftermarket will mean you’ll have to supply documents as proof.

How can I find out what tracker or immobiliser my motorhome is equipped with?

You can speak to the vehicle manufacturer or refer to the vehicle handbook if the security item is factory fitted. Fitting an immobiliser or tracker aftermarket will mean you’ll have to supply documents as proof.

What previous accidents and claims do you need to know about?

You’ll need to make us aware of any accidents or claims within the past three to five years. This includes fault and non-fault claims.

Does my policy cover me to drive any other vehicle?

No, you’ll be insured to drive the vehicle outlined in your policy. From cars to taxis, if you need insurance for any other vehicle please contact us on 0800 0815 024.

Does my policy include any European cover?

Yes, our policies offer 90 days of standard European cover. But this can be increased to unlimited for an additional premium.

Does my policy include motorhome breakdown cover?

No, motorhome breakdown cover isn’t included. The good news is that you can add this separately. Take a look at our motorhome breakdown insurance.

Can I have an any driver policy?

You can add drivers over the age of 30 to your policy as long as they:

  • Are between 30 and 75 years old.
  • Have held a full UK driving licence for a minimum of two years.
  • Have been a full UK resident for a minimum of five years.
  • Make us aware of any claims and convictions.

Can I commute in my motorhome?

You can commute occasionally if you have selected ‘including commuting’ as a use. If this option is selected you must have access to another vehicle as the motorhome cannot be used as your main method of transport.

If you’re unsure where you stand in terms of motorhome use, our team will be happy to explain your options.

Do you offer Class 1 Business use?

Yes, as long as the business use is only occasional and the following criteria are met;

    • You must have access to another vehicle and the motorhome is not used as your main mode of transport.

Any drivers are aged between 25-75.

Driver must hold a full UK licence for a minimum of two years

Driver must be a UK resident for a minimum of five years.

Do I need a special licence to drive a motorhome?

The answer depends on the weight of the vehicle and when you qualified for your licence.

If you passed your test before 1st January 1997, you’re entitled to drive vehicles weighing up to 7,500kg. If you passed afterwards, you can drive vehicles weighing up to 3,500kg – but you’ll need to pass a heavy goods vehicle test to drive anything above that.

The same goes if you want to drive a motorhome over 7,500kg, though most motorhomes fall under these two limits.

I’m under 25 – can you cover me?

Unfortunately, if you’re below 25 years old you can’t get motorhome insurance from us.


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Get your motorhome insurance quote in minutes. Simply email personal@staveleyhead.co.uk for a quote or call 0800 0815 024 or request a call back. to get started.



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