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Caravan versus Motorhome

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Wednesday, 01 June 2016 GMT

Author: Staveley Head

Many say that the old age debate of motorhome or caravan is pointless. However if you’re seriously looking to buy then it’s an important question. Both a caravan and motorhome give you the freedom to travel but both have their pros and cons.


Using Facebook and Twitter we asked which people preferred – motorhome or caravan. Motorhome came out on top.

But this comment supporting caravans provides a very reasonable argument.

Caravan for me, park it on site and still got your car to go out on!! No worries towing after 40 years of driving 32/44 ton artic's!!

This made us think, the question isn’t as simple as which do you prefer, it’s more a question of which is right for you. These questions should help you make your decision;

  1. What kind of traveller are you?
  2. Where will you stay?
  3. What time of year do you like to travel?
  4. What’s your budget?
  5. Who will be travelling with you?
  6. How long do your travels last?

What kind of traveller are you?

Do you like visiting many places at one time? If so then a motorhome may be better for you offering the freedom to come and go as you please.

Or, if you prefer to explore one area for a while a caravan will allow you to do just that. Park up settle in and begin exploring for a week, month or maybe just a weekend.

Where will you stay?

Whether in the UK or overseas you’ll need a place to park up and stay for at least one night. With a motorhome setting up is simple but finding a site that accommodates the vehicle size and weight can be tricky. Plus if you don’t have a bicycle – or one of those luxurious motorhomes with a car inside – then you’ll have to keep everything packed safely in case you need to move.


Or you could do this –

With a caravan setting up will take longer, which isn’t too bad if you’re planning to stay for the week. Once you’re set up your home away from home is ready for you to come and go as you please.

Start your search for the perfect campsite using the UK campsite finder.

What time of year do you like to travel?

A winter sun getaway sounds idyllic and is definitely possible with either a caravan or motorhome. But think about where you’re travelling and the weather conditions you’ll face. At first a motorhome seems like the best choice, which may be true if you’re planning on visiting different place every year.

But with a caravan you have the option of choosing the site that’s right for you. This means towing once and setting up once. Then every year after it’s just a case of driving down in your tow car, which is a much easier journey when tackling the many weather conditions.

How long do your travels last?

Travelling for months at a time, exploring different places is where a motorhome comes into its own. The high cab allows you to get a good view of the scenery ahead, whilst the quick set up times make overnight stays hassle free. The only issue is its size, venturing off main roads can be a dangerous game.

Where the motorhome succeeds the caravan is less successful and vice versa. If venturing into towns and villages is what you want then tow your caravan to the nearest campsite and set off in your tow car.

What’s your budget?

The price of a motorhome exceeds that of a caravan and for the price of a used motorhome you could buy a new caravan. Budgeting doesn’t stop here, think about travel costs. Fuel prices vary and it’s usually the caravan that comes out on top. You can compare global petrol prices before you travel using the Petrol Price Index.

Toll and Vignette costs vary too with motorhome owners generally having to pay more, especially if they’re over the weight limit.

When it comes to insurance the key difference is that caravan insurance is optional, as it is not a vehicle. Motorhome insurance on the other hand is a necessity. When it comes to price, there’s not that much difference, plus there are security and club discounts. For more information call our team 0800 023 7208.

Who will be travelling with you?

Do you have children, pets or maybe just a large family? Then this must be considered. Travelling in a motorhome may give you more seating options but in a tow car there’s less temptation to get up and walk around. If you’re considering getting a large motorhome to accommodate your family then a 7-seater tow car may be more convenient and cheaper in the long run.

One more thing, if you are looking to buy a motorhome check your licence first to ensure you can drive it legally. Check your licence here.

Still can decide?…check out our other blog: Campervan vs Motorhome to see which one is best and why.

Now you’ve got all of the information which is best for you? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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